Common Sense Luggage Safety On Your Luxury Travel Vacation

Most people have heard luxury travel vacation horror stories about lost,​ stolen or​ damaged luggage. But in​ this day in​ age,​ there are a​ lot more restrictions about what you​ can and cannot pack or​ bring aboard,​ in​ addition to​ more ways to​ be ripped off by con artists and petty thieves. Avoid these travel stresses by following some common sense luggage safety tips.

Have a​ Back Up Plan

Assume that everyone at​ the​ airport is​ unable to​ help you. This means you​ must help yourself. First,​ purchase travel insurance that covers lost or​ stolen luggage. Make sure your luggage tags are secure and within plain sight. Bring your own luggage tags from home as​ a​ backup. Don’t put your home address or​ phone on​ your luggage tags. This alerts everyone you​ are out of​ town and where you​ live. Plus,​ should your luggage get lost as​ you​ depart,​ you​ won’t be at​ home to​ receive it. a​ good idea is​ to​ use the​ address of​ your travel agent who specializes in​ luxury vacations. That way,​ they can receive your personal items and safely hold them for you. Pack a​ few clothing items in​ your carry-ons,​ just in​ case. Clothing is​ the​ hardest to​ replace when traveling,​ and if​ you​ have an​ extra set,​ you​ will save yourself some time and money should the​ worst befall.

Pack Smart

Your entire luggage will be searched,​ and unfortunately,​ not all luggage screeners are trust worthy. This means do not pack any clothing items,​ shoes or​ handbags that are obviously worth over $100. if​ you​ are talking about a​ suit or​ gown,​ chances are no one will be able to​ steal that,​ but if​ you​ are talking about an​ $800 Fendi purse and matching sunglasses,​ you​ are better off putting those in​ your carry on. if​ you​ are bringing jewelry or​ electronics on​ your luxury world cruise do not pack them in​ your checked luggage,​ as​ these items are also easily taken. For more information on​ luxury world cruises visit

Be Aware

With changing travel restrictions,​ it​ is​ best for each traveler interested in​ luxury vacations to​ check new restrictions on​ their own. Do not trust anything that has not been verified by the​ government. Make sure you​ carry on​ nothing that is​ banned or​ forbidden. Should you​ forget,​ cooperate with the​ authorities. But the​ best way to​ avoid run-ins with the​ TSA is​ to​ be aware of​ procedures and regulations. Make it​ easier on​ you​ and them! For more help with your luxury travel vacations check out

Packing for luxury vacations does not have to​ be an​ ordeal. Have a​ backup plan in​ case something goes wrong. Pack your valuables safely in​ your carry on. Be aware of​ new and changing regulation. the​ key to​ luggage safety is​ using your common sense to​ staying informed. you​ have already taken the​ first step by reading this article!
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