Combine Travel And Golf On Your Next Holiday

The United States is​ renowned for its golf courses,​ and you​ can take advantage of​ this on​ your next vacation. Why not explore one of​ the​ best American courses when you​ take a​ holiday? if​ you​ are enthusiastic about the​ sport,​ then a​ golfing vacation is​ right for you. America is​ replete with deluxe golf courses for you​ to​ enjoy.

Many resort towns across the​ United States offer all-inclusive golf holiday packages for those who want to​ combine their favorite sport and their holiday. Places like Orlando,​ Las Vegas,​ Hilton Head,​ Phoenix,​ and Myrtle Beach cater to​ the​ golf tourist. Expect to​ be soiled by beautifully-manicured greens and luxurious hotels overlooking the​ courses. if​ you​ are unfamiliar with these resorts,​ here is​ a​ little more information about each.

Orlando,​ Florida is​ most famous for Disney World and Universal Studios,​ but the​ city doesn’t neglect grown-up amusement. There is​ a​ plethora of​ golf courses to​ choose from. you​ can have your own fun in​ the​ sun while the​ kids ride the​ roller coasters. you​ can golf in​ Florida at​ any time of​ year because of​ its warm climate. Florida is​ a​ great place to​ escape to​ in​ the​ winter,​ when your own golf course in​ covered in​ snow. Not only Orlando,​ but Miami,​ Pensacola,​ and Naples offer fabulous golf opportunities.

Las Vegas is​ not only known for its crap tables and slot machines,​ but also its golf courses overlooking gorgeous mountain vistas. you​ can golf within the​ city or​ outside,​ but either way you​ know you​ will be challenged by complex sandstone bunkers and dry heat. Las Vegas is​ a​ great place to​ improve your games,​ both golf and blackjack.

Hilton Head,​ South Carolina is​ one of​ two South Carolina resort towns well-known for their golf game. Hilton Head is​ small,​ but it​ boasts over twenty golf courses,​ as​ well as​ its sandy beaches. if​ you​ are done golfing and swimming,​ then visit one of​ the​ fascinating historic sites around Hilton Head,​ like the​ Palmetto Dunes Plantation or​ Pinckney Island National Wildlife Preserve.

Phoenix,​ Arizona is​ a​ hot climate made for golf. There are over one hundred courses in​ Phoenix where you​ can not only enjoy a​ great eighteen holes,​ but you​ can also absorb the​ spectacular local landscapes. Not only can you​ play golf,​ but you​ can also visit the​ many Native American historical sites and museums in​ the​ area and gain appreciation for America’s native history. Choose a​ hotel or​ bed and breakfast that offers a​ desert view. Be sure to​ ask about the​ Phoenix concert series and local places to​ visit.

Myrtle Beach is​ an​ ever-popular resort town for golfers and beach-goers alike. in​ addition to​ its miles of​ magnificent beaches,​ Myrtle Beach also plays hosts to​ over one hundred golf courses. the​ mild South Carolina climate allows you​ to​ golf there year-round. Wear your sunscreen and be prepared to​ party at​ night – Myrtle Beach has a​ booming nightlife.

Travel and golf always make a​ great combination. Improve your game and enjoy some down-time on​ your next holiday.
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