Choosing A Water Filter For Travel

When people travel abroad whether it​ is​ for a​ holiday or​ for business,​ many will pack the​ usual items such as​ toiletries and clothing. Some even purchase travel insurance. Most,​ though,​ never plan what they'll be eating or​ drinking when they travel. Knowing what you'll be eating or​ drinking,​ however,​ is​ probably more important than the​ clothes you'll be bringing along. if​ you​ have ever gotten food poisoning,​ you'll know what an​ inconvenience it​ is​ and how costly it​ can be. No one would enjoy being hospitalized in​ a​ foreign country during their holiday or​ business trip.

You may be able to​ avoid food poisoning by ensuring that the​ establishment you​ patronize is​ clean and hygienic. to​ further guard against it,​ avoid uncooked or​ partially cooked meals altogether. So that covers the​ food. What about the​ drink? Do you​ know what is​ in​ the​ water you​ drink? Many people incorrectly assume that tap water is​ safe to​ drink and is​ clean,​ clear,​ pure,​ and safe. Scientific and environmental studies have shown otherwise. Even if​ the​ water from a​ water source appears to​ be clear,​ clean,​ and safe to​ drink,​ consuming water from unknown sources or​ in​ countries where potable water cannot be taken for granted could be hazardous to​ your health.

The potential for harmful chemicals (mercury,​ lead,​ arsenic,​ etc),​ bacteria,​ fungi,​ parasites,​ rust and other contaminants residing in​ water is​ growing worldwide. the​ kind of​ fresh uncontaminated water available a​ hundred years ago is​ harder and more expensive to​ obtain due to​ industrialization and a​ growing population. if​ the​ proper precautions aren't taken to​ treat the​ water,​ drinking contaminated water can cause severe illness or​ disease,​ even death.

That's where water filters come in. Water filters and water filtration systems have become a​ popular solution lately for tap water. the​ right filter will not only treat bad tasting tap water but will also treat contaminated water.

People take a​ variety of​ actions to​ treat the​ water they drink at​ home. They may:

- Install faucet filters,​ sink filters or​ a​ complete home water filtration system
- Pour the​ water through pitchers with a​ canister filtration systems such as​ Brita before drinking

All these may work well for drinkable water in​ developed countries where water from the​ tap is​ for the​ most part,​ safe to​ drink. Depending on​ where you​ go,​ whether you​ are camping or​ in​ a​ foreign country,​ taking the​ necessary precautions to​ treat your water prior to​ drinking is​ highly recommended. Boiling water does not remove the​ contaminants within. a​ portable water filter comes in​ very handy for such cases. For the​ mobile warrior,​ a​ water bottle with a​ built in​ water filtration system may do just the​ trick.

Not all water filters,​ however,​ are created equal. Would you​ trust your life as​ well as​ your loved ones with just any water filter to​ get the​ emergency water you​ need? Consider this,​ if​ you​ had to​ go so far as​ to​ obtain water from an​ unknown river or​ source,​ would the​ water be drinkable after water treatment? With so many water filters available,​ how do you​ know what's best? Here are some things to​ consider:

- What companies or​ organizations endorse or​ use the​ product
- What independent studies or​ tests has the​ water company done to​ demonstrate the​ ability of​ their water purifier to​ remove contaminants
- What government bodies have approved the​ treatment methods
- What strict quality guidelines do they follow in​ the​ manufacture of​ these water purifiers
- How does the​ purified water taste after treatment
- How many specific contaminants does it​ remove
- What bacteria or​ fungi can it​ remove

All these are important questions to​ answer. Be sure to​ look closely at​ their product specifications. So,​ before you​ go on​ any trip to​ a​ foreign country,​ remember to​ pack along with you​ a​ proven water treatment system all contained within the​ convenience of​ a​ water bottle.
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