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ChinaVideoTravel is​ a​ new type of​ video travel website that provides an​ instantaneous online visual exploration of​ locations and tourist attractions around Shanghai and Beijing with more Chinese location videos and articles being added to​ the​ site every week. at​ the​ click of​ a​ mouse you​ can read informative articles and view interesting videos about China on​ just about any topic,​ like its history,​ people,​ produce,​ travel locations,​ travel tips,​ astrology,​ food,​ and you​ can even pick up a​ few easy to​ cook and very tasty Chinese recipes.
So far China Video travel has created many online video presentations in​ many locations in​ and around Beijing and Shanghai. Our Chinese video travel tours take you​ to​ places such as​ the​ Great Wall of​ China,​ the​ Forbidden City (now known as​ the​ Palace museum),​ Tiananmen Square,​ the​ Imperial Summer Palace,​ the​ Ming Tombs,​ and the​ ultra modern skyline of​ Shanghai’s new business district Pudong. the​ many backstreets and Shopping areas of​ Beijing and Shanghai are a​ real visual experience and not to​ be missed and the​ journey doesn’t stop there as​ we give you​ sneak preview video tours of​ what happens behind the​ scenes of​ some of​ China’s well known industries such as​ the​ Jade,​ Tea,​ silk,​ and various Chinese artisan and performance groups,​ you​ will be amazed at​ what the​ Chinese can do. Care for an​ online tea tasting?
We are continually updating the​ site with new articles and many more Chinese travel videos of​ tourist locations and points of​ interest around China. if​ you​ would like to​ experience life in​ China (especially Beijing and Shanghai) from the​ comfort of​ your own home log onto now,​ and take yourself on​ an​ unforgettable video travel tour throughout China that will help you​ experience,​ get to​ know,​ and appreciate some of​ the​ most fascinating and beautiful things that the​ Chinese have to​ offer.
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