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China,​ with an​ area of​ 9.6 million sq km,​ is​ the​ third largest country in​ the​ world,​ next only to​ Russia and Canada. Located in​ eastern Asia,​ China is​ bordered by Russia and Mongolia to​ the​ north; Russia and North Korea to​ the​ east; Russia and Afghanistan to​ the​ west; and India,​ Pakistan,​ Nepal,​ Burma,​ Bhutan,​ Vietnam,​ and Laos to​ the​ south. the​ capital of​ China is​ Beijing. Shanghai is​ the​ largest city.

Traveling to​ China is​ a​ life time experience and an​ ideal way to​ understand the​ land of​ cultural and geographic schisms. China offers immense opportunities for its visitors to​ make their travel quite interesting. Whether you​ are interested in​ Chinese culture,​ Chinese history,​ or​ simply to​ enjoy Chinese scenery,​ a​ trip through the​ Chinese mainland has it​ all.

If you​ don’t have a​ couple of​ years for exploring the​ Chinese mainland,​ it​ is​ a​ good idea to​ follow a​ loose itinerary. Some good suggestions along these lines include a​ trip from the​ Chinese capital to​ Tibet through Xi'an's terracotta warriors,​ following the​ traditional Silk route,​ sailing down the​ Yangtze River (which provides the​ most rarest and beautiful views of​ Mother Nature),​ or​ traveling around the​ Dr Seuss landscape of​ Guangxi Province.

Beijing has been crowned as​ the​ country’s capital for approximately 500 years. the​ city boasts some of​ the​ beautiful sights such as​ the​ off-limits palace of​ Ming and Qing emperors,​ the​ Forbidden City,​ their eunuch servants,​ princesses and harems. the​ Summer Palace,​ one of​ the​ major attractions,​ was constructed in​ the​ late Qing period. China’s renowned imperial legacy – the​ Great Wall – starts from Beijing. the​ wall can be viewed from numerous places,​ however,​ majority of​ the​ visitors approach it​ from Beijing.

The sacred mountains of​ China have always been major pilgrimage destinations for many centuries and all these mountains feature well marked trails to​ the​ summits. There are also stairways carved into rock faces,​ and sights en-route includes inscriptions and poems and several temples. the​ sunrise at​ the​ summit is​ inevitably one of​ the​ most noted attractions. Huangshan,​ Emeishan,​ and Taishan are the​ most popular mountains majority of​ the​ foreign tourists never miss in​ their China travel.

China also prides for being home to​ the​ largest Buddha statue in​ the​ world. the​ Grand Buddha at​ Leshan in​ Sichuan Province is​ 71 m high and carved into a​ cliff face which overlooks the​ meeting of​ the​ Dadu and Min rivers.

China’s well known collection of​ European architecture is​ lined up facing the​ sea on​ the​ Bund in​ Shanghai. Xiamen in​ Fujian Province features outstanding collections of​ colonial architecture,​ on​ Gulangyr Island.

Tourist attractions in​ China are too much information to​ cover. Hence it​ is​ better to​ contact a​ tourist operator first and get an​ idea about the​ possibility and cost of​ different tour programs before embarking on​ one.
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