China Business Travel 101

China Business Travel 101
Ever wondered if​ you​ could deal directly with manufacturers.. .​
in​ China?! It's easier than you​ think.

First Impressions
I visited China in​ Autumn 2018 with a​ group of​ business associates and must admit that I​ was amazed,​ both by the​ warm reception we received wherever we went,​ and at​ the​ factories we toured .​
Having never been there before,​ and having only news accounts of​ difficulties between China and the​ U.S .​
to​ fuel my imagination,​ I​ assumed things would be overly formal and official at​ best… at​ worst,​ cold… and we would be watched constantly .​
I​ was so wrong on​ both counts .​
We were treated as​ welcome visitors and had only to​ ask the​ hotel staff for something to​ have it​ almost magically produced.

Lost in​ Translation
Outside of​ the​ hotels and manufacturing facilities,​ doing business in​ the​ streets and in​ small shops was,​ at​ most times,​ terribly difficult .​
We had arranged our factory visits and business meetings with our contacts in​ China,​ and there were no problems on​ that side when it​ came to​ language .​
But once we stepped out on​ our own,​ we rarely found anyone - even in​ tourist gift shops - who could communicate in​ English at​ all .​
Next time I​ visit China,​ I'll hopefully be armed with a​ few more basic Mandarin phrases,​ but for everyone visiting,​ even just for leisure,​ I'd recommend hiring translators to​ assist you.

Cash in​ China
Another word of​ warning: business owners back home in​ the​ States may be suitably impressed by your Gold Card,​ but to​ the​ Chinese shopkeeper it's just a​ pretty piece of​ plastic that won't buy a​ cup of​ Chinese tea .​
Even in​ the​ large cities,​ you're going to​ have to​ carry around Chinese Yuan (aka Renminbi) in​ cash if​ you​ want to​ be able to​ go shopping or​ eat at​ a​ restaurant .​
I​ have to​ say,​ the​ upside of​ this is​ that you​ won't find yourself going over budget .​
But with the​ incredibly low Chinese retail prices,​ that probably wouldn't happen anyway.

Low Retail Prices
Once you've overcome the​ communication difficulties you'll be amazed to​ find the​ bargains you'll find in​ the​ small shops .​
For a​ start,​ it's an​ electronics paradise .​
Just make sure you​ do your homework on​ what will and won't work back in​ the​ States .​
For example,​ you'll find that some Chinese DVD players,​ though remarkably low-cost,​ are manufactured to​ a​ Chinese standard that is​ not compatible with DVD discs sold in​ other parts of​ the​ world .​

Factories in​ China
Our visit to​ a​ manufacturing plant in​ Huizhou left us all .​
well,​ 'impressed' hardly seems like a​ strong enough word .​
The building,​ on​ the​ outside was sort of​ drab looking with banners hanging here and there but inside was quite a​ different story .​
First of​ all we were treated as​ if​ we were VIPs instead of​ mid-level managers from Kenosha .​
Most importantly,​ however,​ the​ level of​ automation in​ this factory was remarkable,​ even by American standards and,​ when you​ look at​ the​ numbers,​ you​ see that the​ productivity is​ really impressive .​
It's no longer a​ mystery to​ this American why China is​ finding such a​ willing market in​ America .​

Back Again
I wish I​ had more than the​ seven days we were able to​ stay in​ China,​ but it​ won't be long before I'm back,​ this time with a​ group of​ my friends who have been listening to​ me talking about the​ business opportunities since I​ got back… and who now want to​ go out there to​ get a​ piece of​ the​ action for themselves.

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