Cheap Vacation Travel Packages Versus Independent Budget Travel

When traveling on​ a​ budget,​ one of​ the​ most often asked questions is​ whether it​ is​ best to​ travel independently,​ reserving your own airfare,​ hotel stay and sightseeing reservations,​ or​ choose a​ package tour where everything is​ set up for you​ in​ advance.

Unfortunately,​ there is​ no easy answer to​ this question. it​ is​ largely dependent on​ the​ location you​ have selected and dates of​ travel. For instance,​ travel to​ European destinations are often less costly to​ book on​ your own,​ especially when the​ airlines are running specials of​ European airfares in​ the​ off-season.

On the​ other hand,​ travel to​ many exotic locations,​ like Egypt,​ Morocco,​ Kenya,​ South Africa,​ Thailand,​ and India,​ are often much less expensive when booked through a​ vacation package company or​ travel agent. That is​ because these tour operators often have special deals with the​ national airlines of​ these companies,​ and with very nice resort hotels,​ to​ provide considerable discounts in​ exchange for a​ steady flow of​ business.

For instance,​ with a​ little bit of​ shopping,​ you​ can book a​ vacation package from New York to​ Egypt for a​ grand total of​ $1,​100,​ including airfare,​ an​ excellent hotel,​ daily breakfast,​ airport transfers,​ and daily sightseeing tours,​ including guided tours of​ the​ pyramids of​ Giza and the​ Sphinx. This is​ far less than you​ would have paid if​ you​ had booked this trip independently.

Similar deals exist for other locations,​ notably India,​ China,​ and Taiwan. So be sure to​ check on​ the​ availability of​ these package deals when shopping for a​ budget travel deal.

Of course,​ some great deals can be had on​ your own as​ well,​ and this is​ often a​ great way to​ go,​ especially if​ you​ are a​ solo traveler. Solo travelers often have difficulty getting those great deals on​ package deals,​ since the​ required single supplement can often ruin the​ deal.

It is​ also important to​ find out exactly what is,​ and what is​ not included,​ in​ any package you​ are considering. Many package deals have optional excursions built in,​ and these extras can add considerable cost. Be sure to​ ask for a​ detailed daily itinerary to​ determine if​ you​ will be left on​ your own if​ you​ fail to​ take these optional. Also ask for a​ detailed list of​ these optional excursions,​ including full descriptions and prices,​ and then carefully compare the​ total price to​ what you​ could find on​ your own.

If you​ are traveling on​ your own,​ be sure to​ start shopping early,​ especially if​ you​ are traveling by air. the​ important thing to​ remember is​ that airlines allocate only so many seats for those advertised low fares,​ and if​ you​ fail to​ act quickly,​ you​ may be out of​ luck. it​ is​ important to​ book the​ airfare,​ and the​ hotel,​ as​ early as​ possible to​ ensure the​ lowest possible prices.

Ultimately,​ the​ decision of​ whether to​ choose a​ vacation package deal or​ independent travel is​ up to​ each individual traveler. it​ is​ important to​ carefully compare package prices with those for independent travel to​ the​ same location. it​ is​ also important to​ consider your own personal travel style. Some people are more comfortable with a​ packaged tour,​ particularly to​ an​ unfamiliar location,​ while others relish the​ freedom from schedules that independent travel provides.
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