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If you've been shopping for cheap flights online,​ you​ no doubt have occasionally found yourself in​ the​ "Twilight Zone" of​ international travel costs. I speaking of​ course about the​ difference in​ valuations of​ the​ various currencies used throughout the​ world. Unlike a​ national purchase where everything is​ dollar based,​ the​ international market uses a​ basket of​ currency or​ the​ local currency of​ the​ country where traveling. This can lead to​ some very unpleasant surprises if​ not careful.

So how can someone see the​ world without going bankrupt while trying to​ get to​ see it​ all? the​ answer is​ careful shopping. Last minute deals are available for those with a​ less than strict time schedule. This method of​ travel has been known as​ "stand by" air travel for years. Using this method of​ cheap travel,​ you​ go to​ the​ airport,​ buy a​ ticket and sign in​ to​ wait if​ you​ can get on​ the​ plane. Full fare customers come first,​ then if​ any seats are left,​ they are offered to​ stand by folks at​ the​ heavily discounted rate.

Of course,​ not all of​ us have the​ time or​ inclination to​ for leisure flight times. the​ next best alternative to​ full fare,​ expensive international air travel tickets is​ the​ consolidator. Here,​ a​ wholesaler,​ or​ consolidator purchases a​ block of​ tickets for a​ specified flight,​ day or​ time. These blocks of​ seats have been discounted to​ the​ wholesaler because the​ purchase was made as​ part of​ an​ ongoing agreement or​ simply due to​ the​ "buy in​ bulk" discount.

Care must be taken as​ travel agencies will sometimes use the​ services of​ consolation companies to​ gain low cost tickets to​ sell. the​ travel agency will then typically add service charges to​ cover their overhead and profit. This can sometimes be significant but may be the​ only way to​ get at​ least a​ somewhat discounted rate for some of​ the​ more popular travel destinations

A quick search on​ the​ web can deliver all types of​ potentially cost saving offers for cheap international tickets. Care must be taken because although many will claim the​ lowest prices,​ the​ fact is​ that additional charges,​ fees and costs may not all be included in​ each offer. Be sure to​ measure apples to​ apples when pricing tickets from a​ variety of​ consolidators. Some have been known to​ lower the​ price of​ the​ fare then charge extra high service fees to​ make it​ for the​ seemingly lower fare. Make certain when to​ find out the​ final,​ total cost for your international airfare ticket before making the​ commitment!
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