CDC Reinstates Travel Alert For Toronto

CDC lifted the​ travel alert on​ May 20,​ 2003,​ because over 30 days (or two SARS incubation periods) had elapsed since the​ date of​ onset of​ symptoms for the​ last reported case. However,​ on​ May 22,​ Canadian health officials reported a​ cluster of​ four old probable SARS cases,​ which led to​ today's reinstatement of​ CDC's travel alert for Toronto.

The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) has reinstated a​ travel alert for Toronto,​ Canada,​ because of​ reports of​ old possible cases of​ Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).

In response to​ the​ outbreak of​ SARS,​ CDC has issued two types of​ notices to​ travelers: advisories & alerts. a​ travel advisory recommends that non-essential travel to​ an​ area be postponed. a​ travel alert does not advise against travel to​ a​ particular area,​ but informs travelers of​ a​ health concern & provides advice about precautions they can take to​ reduce their risk of​ exposure.

CDC is​ again recommending that U.S. travelers to​ Toronto take precautions to​ safeguard their health. These include avoiding settings where there has been evidence of​ transmission of​ SARS,​ such as​ health care settings. CDC does not recommend the​ routine use of​ masks or​ other personal protective equipment while in​ public areas.

CDC also recommends that travelers to​ Toronto practice careful hand hygiene - a​ first line of​ defense for reducing an​ individual's risk of​ a​ variety of​ infectious diseases,​ such as​ SARS. as​ a​ general rule,​ CDC recommends frequent hand washing with soap & water. if​ hands are not visibly soiled,​ alcohol-based hand rubs may be used as​ an​ alternative.

Global Migration & Quarantine officials from CDC will again be distributing health alert cards to​ travelers returning to​ the​ United States from Toronto. the​ cards outline the​ symptoms of​ SARS & recommend that people returning from Toronto monitor their health for 10 days & alert their physician if​ they create a​ fever or​ respiratory symptoms,​ such as​ a​ cough or​ shortness of​ breath.
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