Case Study An Ebook Online Business Plan

Case Study: An eBook Online Business Plan
Success online depends on​ having a​ plan,​ or​ more specifically a​ business plan .​
Often,​ very often actually,​ clients contact a​ designer with a​ burning passion to​ have a​ new web site online,​ and fast .​
Success takes more than waking up bug-eyed at​ 2:00am with the​ brainstorm of​ the​ century .​
you​ need to​ outline (and fill in) a​ real business plan and make adjustments before the​ official launch.
Citing an​ actual case for an​ online eBook business,​ I​ advised the​ aspiring entrepreneur to​ provide more information .​
Thinking through the​ questions and answers is​ a​ vital step towards developing a​ good business plan.
- Do you​ have a​ logo for your company?
- If no logo,​ what color scheme do you​ like?
- How many products (eBooks) will you​ offer?
- Are they all written and ready to​ go?
- Do you​ have cover art for your books?
- What system of​ e-commerce do you​ intend to​ use?
- Will you​ offer just pdf or​ exe formats,​ or​ both?
- Do you​ have the​ domain,​ plus registration and hosting?
- Do you​ have a​ projected launch date scheduled?
- How many affiliate products do you​ have to​ offer?
Defining what you​ do,​ your market,​ and how you​ intend to​ be different are vital considerations .​
You only get one chance to​ make a​ good first impression.
For an​ eBook online business,​ the​ competition is​ fierce and filled with some shady characters .​
When you​ begin the​ process of​ planning before jumping in,​ consider your image first and then answer How will I​ establish credibility up front? .​
Weave this into your business plan and you​ should do well .​
Don't act before thinking or​ you​ may be perceived as​ just another online marketeer.
To summarize:
1 .​
Your Image - Have a​ stunning set of​ graphics for your corporate image to​ make a​ favorable first impression .​
Hire a​ pro if​ it's in​ your budget.
2 .​
Establishing Credibility - solicit opinions from trusted people to​ give honest feedback about first impression and credibility,​ good or​ bad.
3 .​
The Plan - Outlines or​ templates for creating a​ business plan are availble free online .​
Get one .​
Use it .​
Be flexible,​ and change as​ you​ go.
In closing and from experience,​ I​ know that many startup online entrepreneurs neglect creating a​ business plan .​
Selling eBooks online without physical inventory except bits and bytes seems so easy .​
Your chance for success will improve with a​ real business plan.
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