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Before you​ even plan your Caribbean vacation travel,​ there is​ an​ important decision you​ have to​ make:

Do you​ organize your Caribbean vacation travel yourself? or​ do you​ go ‘flight inclusive’ and hand the​ legwork over to​ a​ more experienced tour operator?

Well,​ the​ decision is​ yours to​ make,​ and there are advantages and disadvantages to​ each option.

First,​ let’s find out what a​ flight inclusive Caribbean vacation travel means.

A flight inclusive Caribbean vacation travel is​ a​ holiday booked direct with a​ tour operator. One obvious advantage of​ this option is​ that it​ is​ often simpler. you​ can even do it​ by just picking up a​ brochure and choosing the​ flight you​ want.

Another advantage in​ choosing a​ flight inclusive Caribbean vacation travel over independent travel is​ that it​ is​ generally cheaper. Caribbean specialist travel organizers are also good (maybe even better than you) at​ putting together a​ tailor made “package” that suits your needs. This package,​ so to​ speak,​ contains all the​ elements of​ your Caribbean vacation travel from hotels and flights to​ transfers and a​ local representative. And most are bargains,​ offered at​ special rates with plenty of​ features only for the​ price of​ one. the​ only trouble with these Caribbean vacation travel packages is​ that they would have to​ be made early as​ they could easily get full.

What’s more,​ with a​ flight inclusive Caribbean vacation travel,​ there is​ more security for you. Most tour operators make an​ undertaking where they make themselves legally bound to​ take care of​ you​ from the​ moment of​ departure until your return home. Some are even bonded for your financial security. And finally,​ in​ the​ event of​ a​ natural disaster,​ failure of​ an​ airline or​ a​ dispute with one of​ your holiday providers,​ you​ will only have to​ deal with just one organization,​ which is​ based in​ one country. So everything is​ being made so much simpler for you.

On the​ other hand,​ there are certain reasons why you​ would want to​ go on​ a​ Caribbean vacation travel on​ your own. Indeed,​ an​ independent Caribbean vacation travel provides you​ with the​ freedom to​ choose your own trip and even change it​ as​ you​ please. And with the​ Internet in​ full force,​ that freedom is​ given even more leeway.

It is​ easy for anyone to​ book their own Caribbean vacation travel. All you​ really need is​ a​ computer and an​ Internet connection to​ access any travel booking site. Most importantly,​ some of​ the​ loveliest Caribbean hotels are too small to​ feature in​ brochures so you​ will have to​ book them independently.

One thing is​ for sure,​ you​ have a​ far better chance of​ enjoying every aspect of​ the​ islands by going on​ an​ independent Caribbean vacation travel.

In addition,​ you​ may want to​ use your Air Miles when you​ travel. Flight inclusive Caribbean vacation travel packages often do not give credit for air miles so at​ a​ time when you​ can actually make use of​ your miles,​ you​ can’t. Whereas,​ if​ you​ travel independently,​ there is​ no reason why you​ can’t use your air miles.

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