Caravan Holidays Travel And Freedom

If you​ like to​ travel but you​ like even more the​ feeling of​ freedom,​ the​ solution is​ obvious: a​ caravan. Long ago travelling by caravan meant giving up your comfort,​ nowadays this is​ not an​ issue. the​ 'home on​ wheels' gives you​ the​ wonderful feeling of​ freedom and security unique as​ well as​ all the​ comfort you​ need.

The desire for freedom,​ the​ atmosphere associated with the​ caravan hitched up to​ the​ back of​ the​ car and the​ smell of​ food cooked in​ the​ warm air of​ a​ beach campsite are the​ elements that make people love this way of​ holidaying and travelling.

No matter if​ the​ taste for travelling by caravans was raised by the​ memories of​ the​ excitement of​ arriving at​ the​ campsite when you​ were a​ child or​ by the​ need of​ coming back to​ the​ roots when people where travelling free,​ the​ enthusiasm of​ caravanners is​ infectious. the​ caravan offers a​ return to​ simpler holiday pleasures.

By returning to​ the​ origins of​ caravans and caravanning,​ you​ can find this way of​ travelling at​ gypsies and showmen who spent most of​ their lives in​ horse drawn caravans. Another historic fact for the​ story of​ caravans is​ that the​ world's first leisure caravan was built by the​ Bristol Carriage Company in​ 1880 for Dr. W. Gordon-Stables. it​ was an​ 18 ft design,​ based upon their Bible Wagons,​ which the​ Doctor named "Wanderer".

Now anybody can buy a​ modern caravan. of​ course there are different sizes,​ from tiny two-berth caravans with no toilet and only basic kitchen facilities,​ to​ large,​ twin-axle,​ six-berth caravans with all the​ luxuries of​ a​ four-star hotel.

In the​ last 2-3 years the​ popularity of​ caravans and caravanning increased in​ the​ UK,​ maybe due to​ the​ excellent summer weather,​ the​ fear of​ travelling abroad due to​ worries over terrorism,​ large increases in​ house prices,​ which provided people with the​ ability to​ raise capital by re-mortgaging their homes or​ just the​ need for a​ simpler holiday and more freedom. No doubt one of​ the​ reasons for the​ growth in​ popularity of​ caravanning has also been enhanced by the​ improvements in​ quality and facilities making caravan holidays possible at​ any time of​ the​ year not just summer months.

The features of​ a​ typical mid-range,​ modern caravan should be: Gas/Electric powered refrigerator,​ Gas/Electric powered stove,​ oven and grill,​ Gas/Electric powered water heater,​ one or​ more beds,​ some of​ which double-up as​ daytime seating,​ electricity supplied by battery or​ external hookup,​ toilet with removable disposal tank and flush-water tank,​ shower,​ Radio,​ TV aerial/satellite dish. They may also contain the​ following: Air,​ External barbecue points,​ Tow hitch stabilizers,​ CD players,​ awning or​ screen room,​ clothes washer and dryer,​ microwave.
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