Canadian Travel Quot Musts Quot Include Pei Vacation

There are so many reasons for Canadians to​ travel over the​ summer months. But if​ you're in​ a​ 'vacation' state of​ mind this year,​ chart a​ course in​ a​ new direction. This summer,​ make it​ a​ PEI vacation.

Come for the​ fun. Come for the​ sun. Come for the​ miles and miles of​ beaches in​ the​ color of​ your choice from white to​ champagne to​ pink or​ red. or​ come to​ Prince Edward Island for the​ golf,​ the​ seafood,​ the​ birding,​ the​ cycling,​ the​ clam digging or​ the​ antiquing.

A PEI vacation brings you​ the​ opportunity to​ sink your toes into the​ singing sand at​ Basin Head beach. it​ brings a​ moment's reflection in​ the​ tidal pools in​ any of​ seven Provincial Parks - or​ Prince Edward Island National Park,​ one of​ Canada's National Parks. it​ promises the​ opportunity to​ walk the​ shores hand in​ hand and fall in​ love all over again as​ the​ sun sets over the​ water. a​ PEI vacation offers a​ Canadian travel experience unlike any other.

If shopping is​ more your penchant,​ Summerside or​ Charlottetown are chockfull of​ artisan crafts including hand-stitched quilts,​ pottery bowls,​ intricate woodworking and woven tapestries. Traditional crafts studios dot Prince Edward Island,​ speaking to​ its history as​ the​ home of​ Confederation itself. With this much color and culture offering up a​ Canadian travel experience nothing short of​ breathtaking,​ take a​ moment to​ catch your breath in​ a​ seaside cafe lingering over the​ fresh colours,​ smells and tastes of​ the​ catch of​ the​ day.

Whether you're in​ need of​ an​ adventure,​ or​ craving a​ quiet moment's reflection,​ Prince Edward Island offers a​ complete and comprehensive Canadian vacation travel experience. From hotels and resorts to​ more modest bed and breakfasts or​ campsites,​ Prince Edward Island invites you​ to​ vacation on​ your terms.

So come for the​ fun. Come for the​ sun. Come for the​ golf and the​ beaches. Most of​ all come to​ Prince Edward Island this summer for the​ memories of​ a​ Canadian travel vacation. We want to​ show you​ good times unlike any other you've ever experienced.
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