Canada Travels Understated Treasure

The second largest country in​ the​ world should by no means stand in​ the​ shadow of​ its more boisterous southern neighbor. Canada's 10 million square kilometers of​ land,​ lakes and life brings its own signature flavor to​ the​ North American continent. Travel through Canada is​ a​ truly mind-opening experience for even the​ most seasoned vacationer.

The region has been inhabited since the​ retreat of​ the​ last ice age,​ creating nearly 10,​000 years of​ aboriginal history. Vikings roamed Canada's arctic shores long before Europeans began bickering over land rights during the​ 16th century. the​ French settlers founded Quebec City in​ 1608 while British explorers populated the​ Atlantic seaboard and Hudson Bay. European wars exacerbated Franco-British tensions until the​ American Revolution sent British refugees north,​ tipping the​ balance away from the​ French. Canada was finally unified under a​ constitution in​ 1867,​ while maintaining ties to​ the​ British crown. Since then,​ a​ large Quebec sovereignty movement has emerged in​ the​ French speaking province and has gained momentum at​ the​ federal level.

Canada's Untainted Urban Gems
Canada's cities are as​ diverse as​ its territory is​ expansive. French-speaking Montreal is​ the​ largest city in​ Quebec and arguably the​ liveliest in​ Canada. After the​ 1976 Montreal Olympics,​ the​ Biodome de Montreal filled in​ the​ empty stadium with four actively maintained ecosystems and numerous living exhibits. the​ collection of​ species is​ nothing short of​ phenomenal. Montreal has a​ thriving museum culture (buy a​ 3-museum pass) and an​ irresistible nightlife,​ boasting the​ largest dance floor in​ the​ country and a​ pioneering music scene with an​ eclecticism not to​ be found elsewhere. Travel west into Canada's serene backwoods to​ discover Vancouver,​ a​ metropolitan diamond in​ the​ rough of​ British Columbia's rugged wilderness. Ski Whistler's nearby slopes or​ enjoy a​ day of​ sailing,​ then flex your cosmopolitan muscle in​ the​ evening with a​ stroll through the​ acclaimed Vancouver Art Gallery and appetizers at​ Canada Place. Visit Vancouver for a​ taste of​ Canada's blossoming multiculturalism and international flavor. For a​ slower and more intimate pace,​ discover Nova Scotia's capital of​ Halifax in​ the​ northeast. This revamped harbor town has become Canada's Hollywood,​ with a​ large number of​ movies and shows being filmed along the​ charming avenues.

Unlimited Supply of​ Adventure
Canada's Northwest and Yukon Territories offer some of​ the​ most pristine stretches of​ natural beauty in​ North America,​ along with the​ best light show around complements of​ the​ Aurora Borealis. Kluane National Park protects Yukon's World Heritage Sites and Canada's highest peak. in​ Alberta,​ Banff and Jasper National Parks provide the​ most spectacular views from the​ Canadian Rockies and a​ visit to​ Canada's Glacier National Park,​ British Columbia,​ is​ imperative to​ witness the​ retreating ancient glaciers. With 39 National Parks and Reserves,​ Canada provides an​ infinite stock of​ breathtaking encounters.

Due to​ Canada's extreme northern latitude,​ travel is​ best enjoyed during the​ summer months of​ July and August,​ even if​ the​ days are extremely long or​ endless. Winter sports can be enjoyed in​ many resorts year-round; however,​ December and January tend to​ be unbearably cold and dark,​ particularly in​ the​ northern regions. For more information,​ visit
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