Canada Travel Should Include A Visit To Prince Edward Island

If your vacation plans include travel any where in​ Canada this summer,​ consider a​ departure from the​ everyday and charter a​ course for the​ gentle pleasures of​ Prince Edward Island. Your Canada travel itinerary would not be complete without a​ stay here.

Once on​ the​ Island,​ marvel at​ miles and miles of​ beautiful white,​ champagne,​ pink or​ red sand beaches. on​ Prince Edward Island shorelines your eyes will soar as​ high as​ a​ seabird and beyond to​ the​ top of​ the​ red sandstone cliffs that overlook the​ ocean.

If fishing is​ your forte,​ Prince Edward Island has a​ wealth of​ opportunity for the​ duration of​ the​ summer months. Charter a​ deep sea fishing expedition with friends and you​ could well wind up with Tuna,​ marlin or​ even shark as​ your reward for a​ long day’s work,​ and well worth it. For something with less adventure,​ cast into the​ still waters beyond the​ bridge or​ off the​ end of​ a​ pier and Mackerel could soon find its way to​ the​ end of​ your line. For freshwater fishing,​ Brook or​ Rainbow trout could make fly-fishing in​ any one of​ PEI’s winding rivers the​ perfect day trip.

PEI offers not only Canada's birthplace,​ but also a​ spectacular seascape and equally stunning landscape,​ rich and resplendent in​ rolling dunes,​ wetlands,​ lush fertile farmer’s fields,​ and the​ sand and the​ high pitched cliffs. the​ diverse habitat of​ our special Island is​ home to​ boundless types of​ plant and wildlife,​ including the​ endangered Piping Plover.

Travel to​ the​ edge of​ Canada and from there,​ continue onwards across the​ marvel that is​ the​ Confederation Bridge and until you​ find yourself at​ the​ sapphire blue of​ the​ water’s edge,​ then dip your toes in​ the​ warmest ocean waters north of​ Virginia. This is​ everything a​ vacation on​ this Gentle Island was meant to​ be. Everything and more.

Explore Cavendish,​ the​ home of​ Lucy Maud Montgomery’s beloved classic Anne of​ Green Gables,​ one of​ the​ Island’s main attractions. Hike or​ bike our green rolling hills. Then spend some time visiting craft shops in​ our quaint Island villages. Our pottery,​ woodworking,​ tapestries and quilts are as​ much a​ fabric of​ life on​ the​ Island as​ our rich history.

The perfect end to​ a​ perfect day should always include watching a​ magnificent Island sunset as​ it​ dips into the​ ocean. And the​ perfect night should remain at​ the​ water’s edge,​ drinking in​ the​ tranquility that abounds. Be sure,​ however,​ to​ savor far,​ far more than just the​ ambience. Prince Edward Island is​ renowned for its seafood as​ would be expected so take the​ time to​ linger over your lobsters,​ order tons of​ tuna steaks,​ or​ chow down on​ the​ fresh baked bread that is​ certain to​ accompany your bowl of​ clam chowder,​ served piping hot and rich with cream or​ dairy products from an​ island farm,​ and thickened with the​ natural agent that is​ the​ Prince Edward Island potato.

All of​ this awaits you​ and more on​ Canada’s east-coast jewel,​ the​ Gentle Island. All of​ this,​ and more.
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