Can A Successful Online Business Be Started With 100 Or Less

The internet has become a​ great advantage for many people wanting to​ start their own business as​ there are no longer heavy costs involved with starting an​ online business and one can easily be established for under $100.

Your Primary Costs for Any Online Business will probably be Your Domain Name and Hosting

The primary costs of​ an​ online business will probably be your domain name and hosting fees. Domain names can be bought relatively cheaply (under $20) and hosting fees can be decided bearing in​ your mind your budget. There are free hosts if​ you​ really cannot afford more but it​ is​ generally better to​ go for a​ paid hosting service,​ and these start from only a​ few dollars.

It is​ understandable that when starting a​ new business you​ want to​ cut costs. However,​ always weight the​ pro’s and con’s. Some costs can be minimized but some can’t for reasons of​ quality.

There are Many Free,​ Yet Effective Ways to​ Promote Your Online Business

One of​ the​ greatest advantages for starting an​ online business on​ a​ tight budget is​ that,​ unlike many offline marketing methods,​ many online marketing methods are free but just as,​ if​ not more,​ effective than paid advertising. Search engine optimization,​ for example,​ is​ the​ best way to​ market your website and there are many free tutorials available on​ the​ internet which will help you​ to​ optimize your website yourself. Article marketing is​ another powerful but free marketing method. This means that you​ can have an​ effective marketing campaign for free.

Sourcing Products for Your Business is​ Free or​ Very Low Cost

There are a​ number of​ ways that you​ can source products for free or​ a​ low fee as​ well,​ depending on​ your budget and what you​ want to​ do. Many affiliate programs are free to​ join,​ so you​ can start promoting their products with just the​ cost of​ your domain name and host and get free products and free advertising. Drop ship companies are another way of​ sourcing products for your business,​ they may have a​ membership fee to​ belong to​ them but customers will pay you​ for the​ products before you​ pass the​ money on​ to​ the​ drop ship company.

Payment Processors are Free and Take a​ Percentage after Sales

In general,​ the​ payment processors that you​ use will also be free to​ join and will just take their cut after you​ have made the​ sale and the​ money comes through. This means that there are no upfront costs associated with payment processors. if​ you​ decide to​ go for your own merchant account then it​ could become more costly but this is​ not necessary to​ begin with. Most websites use Paypal as​ their payment processor and this is​ free to​ join.

The internet has made it​ easy to​ start a​ successful online business for under $100 as​ your primary costs will probably be your domain name registration and hosting and this can cost only a​ few dollars,​ while many products,​ marketing methods and payment processors can be got for free.
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