Can Family Travel With The Patient In An Air Ambulance

Can Family Travel With the​ Patient in​ an Air Ambulance?
When a​ loved one is​ dealing with serious medical conditions,​ everyone wants to​ help and be supportive. the​ family of​ the​ patient wants to​ be involved and informed about what is​ going on. Just like the​ doctors and medical staff,​ a​ patients loving family wants what is​ best for the​ patient. When the​ patient must be transported,​ many issues of​ concern arise. if​ a​ loved one must fly in​ an air ambulance,​ can someone from the​ family come along for support?
The goal of​ transporting the​ patient is​ often to​ reach qualified healthcare quickly and conveniently. This is​ especially true for many patients whose lives are dependent on​ the​ speed in​ which they get to​ the​ appropriate hospital and treatment. in​ some cases,​ the​ patient will fly in​ an air ambulance just a​ short distance to​ a​ local hospital,​ in​ other cases,​ a​ patient may travel across the​ globe for medical services.
Each specific case is​ looked at​ individually. There is​ no one right answer to​ this question. in​ some cases,​ it​ is​ imperative to​ the​ patient that they only travel in​ the​ air ambulance with the​ medical staff. Frequently,​ this is​ due to​ space limitations in​ the​ aircraft. For example,​,​ if​ the​ patient has just been involved in​ a​ severe car accident and must be air lifted to​ a​ trauma hospital in​ a​ helicopter,​ there may not be adequate room aboard the​ aircraft for the​ medical personnel to​ properly care for the​ patient if​ another person is​ seated in​ the​ area.
On the​ other hand,​ if​ the​ patient must fly long distances for medical treatment,​ larger jet aircrafts may be more suited to​ the​ medical mission. if​ this should be the​ case,​ chances are high that there will be the​ necessary room for a​ member of​ the​ family to​ accompany the​ patient safely while en route to​ the​ destination.
Doctors,​ medical staff,​ and family all know that the​ patient is​ more relaxed when they can travel with someone they know and care about. For this reason,​ whenever possible,​ accommodations for a​ support person are made during the​ trip in​ an air ambulance. of​ course,​ if​ the​ medical mission is​ compromised by the​ addition of​ another person into the​ cabin,​ for any reason,​ family members will be asked to​ refrain and meet the​ patient at​ the​ destination by using other forms of​ travel.
During this stressful time,​ all efforts are made to​ make the​ patient the​ most comfortable and relaxed as​ possible,​ while keeping safety as​ the​ top priority. if​ someone wants to​ accompany the​ patient on​ the​ air ambulance to​ the​ destination,​ by all means,​ ask. if​ it​ is​ feasible,​ the​ medical staff will welcome the​ family member aboard the​ aircraft. if​ the​ request is​ denied,​ take heart that the​ decision was based solely on​ the​ safety of​ the​ patient and the​ flight crew.
Travel by air ambulance can be a​ complicated issue,​ but the​ mission is​ to​ safely get the​ patient from the​ point of​ origin to​ the​ destination as​ quickly as​ possible. in​ some cases,​ patients are not permitted a​ support person during the​ flight,​ but whenever possible,​ a​ family member is​ encouraged to​ travel with the​ patient.
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