By Plane Or By Car On Screen Entertainment Travels With You

By Plane or​ By Car; On-Screen Entertainment Travels With You
Entertainment and travel are more integrated today than ever before .​
In fact,​ two airlines,​ JetBlue and Song,​ are using in-flight entertainment as​ a​ top selling point with consumers.
JetBlue was the​ first carrier to​ debut up to​ 24 channels of​ live DirecTV programming in-flight in​ 2000 and remains the​ only carrier offering satellite television free at​ every seat.
JetBlue also plans to​ offer customers first-run movies,​ sports and news programming,​ plus other original entertainment developed by Fox.
These features arrive just as​ Song Airlines is​ announcing the​ addition of​ pay-per-view to​ its existing live television on​ flights.
For those not traveling by plane,​ there's good news: On-screen entertainment is​ rapidly expanding to​ automobiles .​
According to​ J.D .​
Power & Associates,​ 28 percent of​ new 2003 full-size sport utility vehicles were equipped with a​ passenger entertainment system,​ and 46 percent of​ consumers are interested in​ adding rear-seat entertainment to​ their next car.
Because satellite's broad coverage area reaches not only planes but also automobiles in​ motion throughout the​ United States,​ live satellite television is​ a​ new,​ fast-growing trend in​ vehicle entertainment .​
It's made possible by companies like Rhode Island-based KVH Industries.
KVH Industries has created the​ first in-motion satellite television system,​ called the​ TracVision A5,​ especially for use in​ passenger vehicles .​
The system contains a​ rugged,​ low-profile antenna and a​ compact satellite receiver.
The TracVision A5 system can support multiple video screens and receivers and is​ designed to​ be a​ part of​ a​ versatile entertainment system that can include DVD players,​ VCRs and console game systems .​
It is​ compatible with DirecTV service; KVH plans to​ also offer a​ Dish Network-compatible receiver in​ the​ future.
The system is​ available at​ more than 800 U.S .​
retail locations and costs around $2,​295 .​
The monthly satellite service fee varies depending on​ the​ package selected but is​ similar to​ home programming.
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