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If you​ are an​ infrequent traveler you​ may need some tips to​ keep the​ wife happy while you​ are jet setting around the​ globe. Many individuals do not realize the​ tolls that traveling can have on​ married life. Occasionally your travels are going to​ take you​ to​ a​ location that your spouse would love to​ attend. you​ may be servicing customers near your or​ your wifes childhood homes,​ you​ may be visiting a​ destination that she has always desired to​ be at,​ she may simply want to​ spend some time with you.

After you​ make the​ decision that the​ spouse will be going on​ the​ next business trip,​ you​ need to​ review your corporate travel policies. Many companies have fairly lax rules on​ spousal travel. However it​ could be possible that you​ have to​ pick up the​ differences in​ hotel room costs for the​ second person. Most companies however wave this fee if​ you​ are in​ good standings with them.

So the​ accommodation's are settled what is​ left to​ meet the​ wifes expectations well you​ will more than likely have to​ make some adjustments in​ your travel plans. Unless you​ work for a​ company that is​ far more progressive than any that I have seen before,​ you​ will be picking up the​ tab for your wifes travel. So start looking at​ sites such as​ and reviewing the​ travel prices that they provide. By researching early you​ have the​ opportunity to​ cut some significant costs from your bill.

This early research will also allow you​ to​ properly plan out your visits and time them with travel concerns. Always research all arrival locations for the​ cheapest airfare. a​ great example of​ this was my co-worker who was asked to​ go to​ Germany for some problem analysis. His spouse made the​ executive decision that she was going to​ also be going to​ Germany. After looking at​ tickets from the​ local airport to​ Frankfurt (typical landing point) he found the​ tickets to​ cost no less than $1395.00. He talked with me and I suggested he look at​ Berlin International Airport. the​ total for the​ ticket dropped to​ $611.00.

Now he had to​ clear this change of​ plans with our boss because it​ increased his driving time on​ the​ ground by 1 hr. But the​ $600 + dollars that he saved on​ airfare travel more than made up for the​ increased car ride time.

Speaking of​ the​ car. Make sure that the​ spouse is​ on​ the​ car rental agreement and insured. if​ your wife is​ like mine she is​ not going to​ be happy cooped up in​ a​ hotel while you​ are in​ facilities all day. She is​ going to​ want to​ get out and about during the​ day. Checking this minor point will save you​ loads of​ time and aggravation.

The final item of​ concern is​ your dining tab. Be exceedingly careful and research your corporate policy closely on​ this one. Typically you​ will be allowed to​ pick-up the​ room breakfast on​ the​ corporate account for the​ wife. However it​ is​ highly unlikely that you​ will be able to​ expense out her lunch and dinner meals. as​ a​ matter of​ fact I have seen one gentlemen dismissed on​ this account. Now he had other issues,​ but this is​ the​ corporate policy that he broke that achieved the​ pink slip.

So in​ short you​ need to​ research where you​ are traveling too,​ you​ need to​ research when you​ are going to​ be traveling,​ and you​ need to​ look in​ depth at​ your corporate travel policies and don't assume anything. Corporations have been in​ business for many years and most of​ the​ expense details are spelled out clearly in​ their guidelines. Where there is​ headway ask your supervisor and they should be able to​ inform you​ of​ exactly what will and will not be allowed to​ pass on​ your expense report.

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