Business Travel Success Plan

Over the​ last eleven years of​ traveling the​ globe I have learned many different lessons about business travel. Whether you​ are a​ seasoned travel expert or​ a​ recent college graduate getting ready for that first trip,​ I am sure that you​ will learn a​ few things from my dissertation below.

Business travel is​ weary on​ the​ family and can cause hardships that are difficult to​ put into words. When you​ are out of​ town,​ life around your house carries on​ in​ every sense. Your grass continues to​ grow,​ your power continues to​ flow,​ your kids have recitals and ball practices,​ and your spouse has meetings. Don't forget the​ small things and check in​ with your family members. Your not being around means that they have to​ do the​ things that you​ normally accomplish.

During your travel make sure to​ make time to​ take care of​ yourself as​ well. you​ will be eating at​ fine restaurants all over the​ world. you​ will get to​ sample local cuisines that you​ have never before had. Your body will suffer from the​ overload of​ food and beverages. Make time to​ go to​ your hotels gyms between work hours and dinner. Simply working out for 30 mins. each afternoon should keep you​ in​ fighting form for the​ meetings that you​ have coming up during the​ trip. it​ will also limit the​ perpetual expansion of​ the​ waste line from the​ foods that you​ are eating.

For meetings and arrival times,​ make sure to​ plan on​ showing up fifteen to​ twenty minutes before your meeting time. Showing up late to​ meetings is​ unacceptable for both your clients and for your company.

Always dress for success,​ never show up to​ your meetings in​ anything less than a​ Shirt,​ Tie,​ and Coat. Showing up in​ less than that attire for many companies is​ a​ sign of​ disrespect. While they may be sporting the​ latest in​ Golf apparel you​ need to​ sport something more along the​ lines of​ Donald Trump.

During the​ travel stages of​ your event plan on​ staying in​ mid-level accommodations. Never try to​ hit your company up for first class accommodations. the​ mid-level accommodation shows that you​ are willing to​ save the​ company money while not sacrificing your personal well-being. the​ mid-level accommodation will provide you​ with acceptable bedding and laundry services and a​ good night sleep.

As a​ final point keep in​ mind that you​ are representing your company. Conduct yourself at​ all times as​ if​ you​ were trying to​ win that coveted job spot. Because just as​ you​ interviewed for your current job. you​ are interviewing your company for future business with your clients.

Charles Cater
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