Business Networking And Marketing Ups And Downs

Business Networking and Marketing Ups and Downs
The last couple of​ days have been beautiful,​ the​ weather near perfect and some of​ us are suffering from spring fever while others are simply struggling with the​ pollen levels .​
This time of​ the​ year reminds me that summer is​ coming and things are about to​ slow down – in​ networking .​
I​ would like to​ take just a​ moment and discuss this trend and what I​ believe may be the​ cause of​ it.
Let’s begin in​ the​ fall .​
At this time of​ the​ year we are working feverishly trying to​ procure new business because we realize that around the​ holidays things will slow down .​
As December draws near,​ some of​ us become preoccupied with things like parties and shopping and our attention turns from building our business .​
Others find it​ increasingly difficult to​ make contact as​ people begin long vacations.
Then the​ holidays pass .​
We put our marketing and networking efforts into high gear,​ going to​ several meetings a​ week,​ trying to​ get things cranked up again .​
The result is​ increased business and increased profits .​
Have you​ ever noticed that in​ the​ early part of​ February that things begin to​ pick up almost at​ a​ maddening pace? When this occurs,​ unless we are prepared for growth,​ we start to​ back off on​ our promotions as​ we scramble to​ complete the​ work that has been generated by our marketing efforts.
In effect,​ we stop networking .​
We lose contact with those we have been making and asking for referrals,​ and they begin to​ feel as​ if​ we are not interested in​ them any longer .​
When this happens,​ they may look for someone else to​ refer when that target prospect comes along .​
By early to​ mid summer,​ we are starting to​ crawl out from under the​ workload and we again look for opportunities .​
Unfortunately,​ the​ vacations have started again as​ children are released from school for the​ summer .​
Thus it​ is​ very difficult once again to​ find the​ contacts that were out there just before our business picked up again late last winter.
By mid August,​ school is​ back in​ session and people are coming back out into the​ networking world again .​
Of course we are seeing some of​ the​ same people that were there before,​ but there are also a​ lot of​ new faces as​ well .​
Because we had slacked off from our promotion efforts,​ we were not there to​ greet the​ new faces as​ they started their new business .​
So the​ people who have a​ balanced networking and marketing strategy are there to​ greet them.
These are the​ people who have businesses that seem to​ be growing .​
They have a​ marketing and networking plan that is​ consistent year round .​
When many businesses are experiencing that new business rush in​ the​ spring,​ these business owners are ready to​ absorb the​ new business with new employees or​ temporary help .​
They realize that to​ maintain growth means to​ be ready for any upswing in​ the​ economy that could propel their business to​ the​ next level.
So how do we accomplish this? First plan for growth .​
Have a​ system ready for when you​ have more business than you​ can handle so that there is​ help you​ can call .​
This is​ managed by building relationships with temp agencies,​ headhunters,​ and placement firms .​
Hire people on​ a​ contractor basis if​ necessary .​
This saves money on​ benefits and salaries when thing are a​ bit slower .​
It also reduces the​ amount of​ paperwork when it​ comes to​ payroll processing and taxes.
Next,​ develop a​ plan for networking that is​ manageable .​
Set a​ goal for the​ amount of​ meetings that you​ would attend when business is​ just OK and stick to​ it​ when business gets better .​
Attend functions year round,​ even during the​ holiday seasons .​
Plan vacations when necessary,​ but don’t assume that everyone is​ going on​ vacation simply because it​ is​ summer .​
Most people have to​ accommodate the​ schedules of​ others and entire companies usually do not go on​ vacation at​ the​ same time .​
Notice that larger corporations always have staff on​ hand to​ do business while an​ employee is​ on​ vacation .​
Also take note that large corporations do not stop promoting just because it​ is​ the​ month of​ July or​ December .​
They are consistent year round.
The lesson here is​ that,​ if​ you​ want to​ grow into a​ large company,​ take a​ look at​ what large companies do .​
Emulate them if​ they are successful and you​ may be able to​ duplicate their success .​
You must be constantly marketing,​ networking and promoting to​ ensure consistent business year round .​
If you​ decide to​ slack off now because business is​ good,​ I​ guarantee that when autumn comes you​ will be working twice as​ hard to​ get things going again .​
If,​ on​ the​ other hand,​ you​ keep on​ consistently marketing the​ way you​ did when times were slow,​ you​ should be able to​ experience the​ growth of​ both your company and your bank account during the​ entire year.
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