Build Your Own Travel Business At Home

Do you​ like to​ travel? Would you​ like to​ travel more? Would you​ travel more if​ you​ could find some real bargains,​ say 50% or​ more off the​ regular retail price,​ not just the​ 10% AARP or​ 10% business discount often available at​ motels?

If you​ do like to​ travel,​ I’m sure you​ have gone the​ route of​ search-engine searches for discount travel,​ only to​ find the​ major Internet booking engines with their flashy “lowest prices guaranteed” all offer exactly the​ same prices.

The truth be known,​ some bargains do raise their heads above all the​ “cheapest prices guaranteed” but good luck finding them. you​ must tenaciously search every day,​ and even then some of​ those specials are alive for only a​ few hours. is​ there an​ easier way? I think there is,​ and you​ can turn travel into business.

Yes,​ those bargains are there,​ reserved for the​ travel professional in​ the​ form of​ travel perks,​ business tax deductions and sales commissions. Consider these points:

•Own your own booking engine and earn commissions on​ all travel booked through your site -- your own travel and the​ travel of​ anyone and everyone that you​ can drive to​ your booking engine.

•Operate a​ legitimate travel business and you​ can apply business tax deductions to​ your own travel as​ long as​ you​ include that travel in​ your business plan,​ and you​ keep accurate records.

•Many travel industry businesses offer familiarization trips,​ FAM trips for short,​ to​ professional travel agents and agencies so that they can then “sell” these services to​ their clients. These FAM trips may offer huge discounts or​ free accommodations and trips when the​ agent books 8-10 clients for the​ same accommodation or​ trip.

•Travel agents can build their own FAM trips calling the​ travel vendor directly,​ offering some form of​ advertisement back home,​ and requesting travel professional discounts.

This month my wife and I are taking a​ quick summer vacation to​ Canon City,​ Colorado,​ for a​ ½ day white-water rafting adventure in​ Bighorn Sheep Canyon and a​ 2-hour train ride in​ a​ vista-dome through the​ Royal Gorge. We have acquired two nights’ lodging because we want to​ further explore the​ business opportunities in​ the​ area. We contacted the​ vendors as​ travel professional with an​ offer to​ do a​ write-up on​ their company and publish it​ on​ the​ Internet. in​ return we received ½ off the​ raft trip and the​ lodging and complimentary tickets for two for the​ train ride. After applying business tax deductions,​ we estimate that we will realize close to​ a​ 70% savings or​ $300 on​ this one very short trip. Not too shabby!

You can indeed travel for less and travel more. in​ fact,​ your travel can become your job. What a​ great life!
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