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The proposal starts with your arrival to​ the​ charming city of​ Buenos Aires which you’ll be able to​ sightsee and explore in​ depth during your whole stay. to​ begin with the​ activities,​ there’s the​ classical Buenos Aires city tour that goes around the​ main interest spots in​ Buenos Aires following its historical evolution and discovering the​ most traditional and picturesque neighborhoods.

The tour intends to​ go along distinguishing the​ footprints left by immigration,​ tango,​ folklore,​ livestock farm culture,​ soccer football and the​ popular culture as​ the​ main component of​ the​ Buenos Aires idiosyncrasy. the​ path begins in​ Plaza de Mayo (May Square) and covers Casa Rosada (Pink House),​ the​ Cathedral,​ Cabildo,​ San Telmo,​ the​ antique’s shops,​ La Boca,​ the​ mythical Caminito Street,​ Retiro,​ Recoleta,​ Palermo with its parks and lakes,​ Monserrat and Puerto Madero.

You’ll also get to​ experience you​ own tango scene along with the​ performing artists of​ the​ tango house Sabor a​ Tango that will delight you​ with an​ impressive show. This is​ a​ performance accompanied by first class gastronomy in​ an​ intimate space that remembers the​ origins of​ tango. a​ memorable Buenos Aires tango show night.

A truly autochthonous and very entertaining activity is​ a​ visit to​ one of​ the​ best Argentina Estancias where participants may watch the​ farm chores,​ horse-man skills and regional dances shows,​ do some horse-back riding and sporting activities. the​ tour includes tasting of​ Argentine culinary delicatessen: empanadas (savory pastries stuffed with meat),​ wine,​ a​ typical asado (barbecue) and pastries for the​ afternoon tea.

The outings to​ Tigre represent a​ possibility to​ experience nature very close to​ Buenos Aires. This wonderful Argentina travel offer begins with a​ trip in​ the​ picturesque Tren de la Costa (Riverside Train) with an​ itinerary along the​ northern zone of​ Buenos Aires outskirts. Once in​ Tigre,​ the​ passengers enjoy a​ boat ride along small rivers and canals surrounded by the​ Delta’s exuberant vegetation.

The promotion includes lodging for 7 days in​ a​ furnished apartment (double occupancy),​ transfer airport/ hotel/ airport,​ city tour,​ dinner tango show,​ countryside day in​ an​ Argentine Estancia and a​ tour to​ Tigre. the​ package may be extended with a​ theme tour (museum tours,​ tango tours,​ etc.) and with a​ futbol game with guide. Accommodation in​ Buenos Aires apartments offers more intimacy and convenience for those seeking a​ different vacation. We welcome inquiries at​ info@alojargentina.com. For more details on​ this package click HERE.
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