British Virgin Islands Travel Charter A Yacht For A Unique Vacation Experience

Did you​ know that the​ British Virgin Islands are home to​ one of​ the​ best sailing areas in​ the​ world and is​ the​ sailing capitol of​ the​ Caribbean? There are so many reasons as​ to​ why these Caribbean islands can lay claim to​ this and you’ll soon learn why a​ British Virgin Islands vacation,​ is​ just what you​ need!

BVI weather is​ extremely consistent with perfect Caribbean trade winds that stay between 10-25 knots,​ sometimes a​ bit stronger during the​ winter months. you​ will find few places in​ the​ world that offer as​ many bays and anchorages to​ go exploring. You’ll also find that the​ water temperature is​ just perfect for swimming with temperatures ranging from 76-85 degrees year round. the​ distances between the​ islands are quite short as​ well,​ which provides some benefits such as; the​ sailing areas are often protected from the​ open water,​ so you​ will find the​ seas are very calm. This is​ especially great if​ you’re new to​ the​ world of​ sailing. Short distances also provide opportunities for many island stops and that means lots of​ exploring!

If you’re ready for sunny days,​ pristine white sandy beaches,​ stunning coral reefs and for the​ water-sport enthusiast – an​ unlimited array of​ possibilities lay waiting for you​ to​ discover. One of​ the​ absolute best ways to​ discover the​ British Virgin Islands is​ by chartering your own private yacht! This brings us to​ another destination BVI famous fact. These islands are also home to​ the​ world’s largest charter yacht fleet!

With more than 50 islands and cays,​ a​ BVI yacht charter may simply be one of​ the​ best ways to​ experience the​ magic that these islands have to​ offer you. the​ British Virgin Islands are also known as​ the​ Windwards and Leewards island group. They lie 1500 miles Southeast of​ New York and about 60 miles east from Puerto Rico. You’ll find mountainous terrain,​ lush green valleys with rolling hills leading to​ spectacular beaches and serene coves.

A British Virgin Islands vacation will certainly not be like your ‘typical’ touristy islands,​ in​ the​ sense that you​ won’t find any high-rise hotels,​ casinos or​ even traffic lights! What you’ll learn on​ these islands is​ true peace and tranquility. you​ can discover an​ ancient tropical rainforest,​ irresistible land and beauty,​ even a​ rare inhabited coral island. These islands offer you​ a​ place in​ which you​ can truly discover yourself and this is​ what will make your British Virgin Islands travel really stand out.

They have worked extremely hard to​ achieve world-wide recognition with programs and workshops to​ study and protect the​ rapidly disappearing eco-systems of​ the​ Caribbean. With the​ National Parks Trust – a​ government department that was formed to​ protect the​ incredible beauty and infrastructure that lies under the​ sea,​ you’ll find unique underwater parks that stretch all across the​ British Virgin Islands. Can you​ think of​ a​ better way to​ really explore this paradise than with a​ BVI yacht charter,​ one that can bring you​ to​ the​ heart and majesty that belongs to​ this incredible group of​ islands? After all,​ being in​ an​ area world-renowned for the​ best sailing and boasting the​ largest fleet of​ chartered yachts,​ why not make this vacation the​ most unique that you’ve ever experienced and charter a​ yacht!
British Virgin Islands Travel Charter A Yacht For A Unique Vacation Experience British Virgin Islands Travel Charter A Yacht For A Unique Vacation
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