Bring Yourself Back To Life In Barbados Barbados Travel Information

Situated to​ the​ east of​ the​ Lesser Antilles in​ the​ Caribbean,​ Barbados is​ an​ independent island nation and a​ tropical getaway with considerable historical sites to​ boot. With a​ long British history and settlements dating as​ early as​ 300 CE,​ Barbados offers travelers a​ tantalizing resort rendezvous and a​ taste of​ colonial and slave legacy. Book your airfare to​ Barbados before the​ high season ends and enjoy the​ tranquility of​ one of​ the​ most remote islands in​ the​ Caribbean.

Major airlines service the​ island’s fairly large international airport from most regions including Canada,​ Mexico,​ Europe,​ and the​ United States. if​ you​ choose to​ island hop through the​ West Indies,​ airfare to​ Barbados is​ easily accessible from Trinidad and Tobago to​ the​ south,​ Saint Lucia and Saint Vincent and the​ Grenadines to​ the​ west,​ and Grenada to​ the​ southwest.

Travel to​ Barbados for the​ Sweet Life

After cotton crops failed on​ Barbados,​ the​ British introduced sugar cane to​ the​ island,​ which grew very well and also led to​ the​ development of​ rum drinks and molasses production. the​ plantation economy allegedly gave birth to​ the​ first appearance of​ the​ spiced island drink and visitors today can take a​ tour of​ the​ Mount Gay Rum factory,​ which is​ Barbados’ domestic rum producer.

Barbados is​ not all sugar and spice; the​ island is​ also a​ haven of​ white sandy beaches,​ surfing,​ fine dining and deep sea fishing. on​ the​ southern shore of​ Barbados you​ will find privately owned vacation rentals and time shares as​ well as​ the​ middle and lower range accommodations along the​ water,​ broken up by small seaside towns like Hastings,​ Maxwell,​ Rockley and Oistins. in​ the​ capital of​ Bridgetown,​ you​ will find duty free shopping,​ delectable restaurants and a​ mix of​ colonial and modern government buildings. Bridgetown is​ also the​ hub for docking cruise ships and mooring private boats. Travel to​ Oistins on​ a​ Friday night for the​ famous ‘fish fry.’ Dance,​ drink and eat with the​ locals until the​ wee hours of​ the​ morning.

Beyond the​ Beach of​ Barbados

Barbados has many activities for the​ active and adventurous if​ relaxing by the​ beach is​ just not enough. Get in​ with the​ iguanas at​ the​ extensive Barbados Wildlife Reserve and enjoy a​ pleasant walk through the​ exotic bird sanctuary or​ along the​ many footpaths surrounded by forests of​ monkeys. Harrison’s Cave,​ in​ St. Thomas province,​ is​ a​ very popular subterranean attraction and likely to​ be a​ bit crowded during the​ high season. if​ you’re still not tired,​ take a​ trip to​ Welchman Hall Gully where stretches of​ walking path are surrounded by think wooded forest and hundreds of​ wild exotic species.

Remember that Barbados was a​ long time British colony and therefore English speakers will have no problem communicating. Additionally,​ the​ island nation has one of​ the​ highest rates of​ literacy in​ the​ Western Hemisphere,​ making this tropical tryst hardly third world. Travel to​ any destination on​ the​ island is​ cheap and efficient by taxi or​ bus. the​ equator awaits,​ what are you​ waiting for?
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