Booking Holidays Online Cheaper Than Travel Agents

The way in​ which many of​ us book holidays has changed dramatically in​ recent years. Ten years ago many of​ us would have relied on​ our local travel agents to​ find us a​ good deal.

When we came to​ think about our next trip away,​ we'd simply wander down the​ high street and nip into a​ few travel agents shops,​ picking up a​ number of​ different holiday brochures to​ compare prices offered by different tour operators.

Comparing prices sometimes involved taking into account certain special offers that might be available,​ or​ any additional costs caused by the​ time of​ year (school holidays,​ for example) or​ number of​ people travelling.

When thinking about destinations,​ resorts or​ particular hotels,​ our opinions might largely be shaped by what friends and family had told us,​ what we'd read in​ magazines,​ or​ maybe what we'd seen in​ holiday-related television programmes.

The arrival of​ the​ internet and its increasing availability to​ many of​ us has undoubtedly changed the​ goalposts. We now have the​ ability to​ research our chosen destinations online - we even have access to​ the​ thoughts of​ previous visitors to​ the​ hotels that we may be planning to​ stay at.

We can compare prices relatively quickly and also have more options in​ terms of​ how we structure our holidays. We're no longer limited by the​ narrow boundaries of​ the​ package holiday market - we can now book our flights and accommodation independently,​ with far less hassle.

So everything has got better. or​ has it?

The internet has brought us a​ lot of​ information but how much of​ that information is​ really reliable? When I read reviews of​ places that I've visited,​ I often find that other people's experiences are very different from my own.

It's clear that we all have different expectations of​ what is​ involved in​ having a​ good holiday.

It seems to​ me that,​ while holiday prices may well have come down,​ many of​ us are left looking to​ trawl through masses of​ information,​ much of​ which may be considerably less reliable than that once provided by the​ good old-fashioned travel agent.

Maybe we should take the​ "progress" provided by the​ internet with a​ small pinch of​ salt.
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