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Situated on​ the​ Arabian Sea,​ at​ the​ very western edge of​ India’s subcontinent,​ lies the​ country’s most populous and prosperous metropolis. Mumbai,​ formerly Bombay until 1995,​ is​ a​ massive island city bursting with life at​ every turn. Mumbai is​ home to​ the​ Hindi film and television industry,​ also known as​ Bollywood,​ and offers hundreds of​ movie houses including the​ largest IMAX dome in​ Asia.

Travelers to​ Mumbai may find themselves struck by the​ incredible disparity in​ wealth and lifestyle among the​ island’s inhabitants; however,​ most travelers will also notice a​ general friendly cheer during their daily excursions. Almost all of​ Mumbai’s population is​ not native to​ the​ island,​ which creates an​ eclectic mix of​ ethnicities,​ beliefs,​ cuisine and culture that has encouraged acceptance among most of​ the​ people.

Mumbai from the​ Outside

Mumbai has one of​ the​ most heavily traveled ports in​ India,​ making the​ large Bombay metropolis India’s commercial and financial capital. Visit the​ spectacular Gateway of​ India,​ the​ magnificent basalt structure built for King George V and Queen Mary in​ 1911 that greets nearly all travelers arriving in​ Mumbai by boat. From here you​ can catch a​ ferry to​ Elephanta Island to​ witness the​ most famous and intricate cave temples of​ Maharashtra. For people watching,​ head down to​ the​ Marine Drive Chowpatty and enjoy the​ beach breezes,​ shop the​ street-side vendors and get yourself a​ relaxing head massage.

Within the​ city limits lies Sanjay Gandhi National Park,​ which serves as​ a​ necessary sanctuary for breathable air in​ the​ north of​ Mumbai. Make sure to​ catch Bombay’s famous prowling leopards during your visit. There are also many walking and boating tours available as​ a​ means to​ experience the​ city. This is​ the​ best way to​ get your initial bearings and learn the​ general history and architectural background of​ Mumbai/Bombay.

A Bombay Treasure Island

The Mumbai municipality is​ a​ literal treasure hunt for the​ adventurous explorer. Centuries of​ history are written in​ the​ architecture,​ museums,​ bazaars and personal accounts littered all about the​ lively neighborhoods. St. Thomas’ Cathedral is​ a​ reminder of​ the​ British rule in​ Bombay and also the​ oldest English building in​ the​ city. the​ remarkable contrast of​ the​ whitewashed church against the​ detailed and ornate backdrop of​ Mumbai is​ a​ noteworthy sight. Visit the​ Prince of​ Wales Museum,​ Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Museum,​ and discover ancient remnants of​ Maharashtra while inside an​ architectural landmark set among splendid gardens.

Mumbai,​ and certainly all of​ India,​ is​ the​ place to​ be your adventurous self. the​ first step is​ finding airfare to​ Bombay right here on​ cFares. Once you​ touch down on​ the​ tarmac in​ Mumbai,​ indulge your senses in​ the​ flavors of​ curry,​ the​ treats of​ street vendors,​ and the​ delicacy of​ fresh sweet pastry. Expand your senses and stretch your mind in​ a​ yoga class or​ meditation session,​ many of​ which are open to​ the​ public. This is​ your opportunity to​ discover the​ most unique and welcoming city in​ India,​ dive in!
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