Big Savings On Gas While You Travel

Gas prices are soaring! This has resulted in​ elevated travel expenses. if​ you​ travel by car,​ you​ have some control over the​ costs.

Here are some ways to​ save money on​ gas:

* Switch to​ synthetic motor oil. it​ reduces engine friction and may make your car a​ little less ravenous at​ the​ gas station. (There are brands available claiming 5%-20% increases in​ fuel economy.)

* Use the​ manufacturer's recommended grade of​ oil. Manufacturer specs are based on​ what is​ best for your specific vehicle.

* Buy gas with the​ recommended octane rating. Premium can actually be detrimental to​ many engines.

* Fill up during the​ coolest times of​ day. you​ get more gas in​ each gallon,​ because liquids expand in​ the​ heat. the​ pumps are measuring gallons,​ not weight.

* Make sure that the​ gas cap is​ tight after you​ fill up. Gas evaporates easily - you​ can lose an​ appreciable amount through an​ improperly seated cap.

* Check your tires before your holiday and inflate them to​ the​ manufacturer's recommendations. Underinflated tires create drag and increase gas consumption. Always carry a​ tire gauge in​ your glove compartment.

* Never drive on​ bald tires! Besides being unsafe,​ they also increase fuel consumption.

* Don't leave your engine idling for long periods of​ time. This includes pre-warming - one minute is​ all you​ need. Start off slowly,​ then use normal speeds after a​ couple of​ minutes.

* Don't continually start and stop your engine. Each start burns about the​ same amount of​ gas as​ one minute of​ idle time.

* Drive the​ speed limit on​ highways - speeding devours gas. Activate your cruise control whenever possible,​ and when cruise is​ not engaged remember the​ 'egg' trick: drive like you​ have a​ raw egg between the​ floorboards and the​ gas pedal.

* Stop lights in​ cities are usually set to​ synchronize with the​ posted speed limit. Drive the​ speed limit and you​ are more likely to​ hit a​ long series of​ green lights. Stopping at​ red lights increases idle time and gas consumption.

* Drive in​ a​ way that entails minimal use of​ the​ brakes.

* Don't pack more than you​ need. the​ more weight you​ carry,​ the​ more gas you​ use.

* Decrease wind resistance. a​ car caked with mud,​ snow,​ or​ ice will cause drag and burn more gas than a​ sleek,​ clean vehicle.

* Don't use the​ air conditioner unless necessary. Vehicle air conditioners increase fuel consumption.

* Pamper your vehicle by ensuring that it​ goes in​ for regular tune-ups and maintenance. Slight adjustments can mean dramatic fuel savings. Ask the​ maintenance people to​ add fuel injector cleaner whenever the​ oil is​ changed.

* Some communities have websites that post fuel prices at​ local gas stations. Do your research before you​ leave to​ find out where the​ cheapest stations are. Use common sense: driving too far out of​ your way will gobble up more gas than you​ save. Try (USA and Canada) and your favorite search engines.

* if​ you​ own a​ gas guzzler,​ try trading with a​ relative or​ neighbor for a​ smaller vehicle while you​ vacation. (Make sure that insurance policies on​ both vehicles are in​ order first.)

* Use your feet! Once you​ get to​ your destination,​ walk whenever possible. Walking is​ how you​ really get to​ know an​ area.

Save money,​ save the​ environment - and have more cash to​ spend on​ your vacation!
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