Better Online Communication Makes Business Sense

Better Online Communication Makes Business Sense
Many companies are now doing the​ majority or​ even all their business online and foregoing the​ Brick and Mortar storefront .​
It is​ easy to​ see why that trend has happened .​
For one thing,​ the​ cost of​ setting up such a​ business is​ relatively inexpensive and easy .​
There is​ no need to​ pay for the​ overhead of​ a​ physical building .​
Also,​ the​ cost of​ maintaining a​ Web site is​ minimal .​
Moreover,​ the​ Internet provides a​ convenient and efficient way of​ marketing products .​
As more and more people are spending time on​ the​ Internet,​ the​ market of​ online customers continues to​ grow .​
But when businesses shift from face-to-face customers to​ anonymous online customers,​ there is​ a​ loss of​ personal connection and trust .​
All the​ online spamming and scamming hasn’t helped the​ matter at​ all .​
That has eroded the​ trust in​ E-commerce and the​ credibility of​ many companies .​
How are you​ gaining and maintaining customer trust? What are you​ doing as​ an​ online vendor to​ communicate to​ your customers?
In an​ online world,​ business just doesn’t stop after hours and on​ weekends .​
What are you​ doing to​ answer your customer’s questions? Here are a​ few things that you​ can do to​ improve communication with your customers:
1. Offer a​ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page and online product support information .​
This is​ an​ excellent way of​ answering basic questions that may otherwise flood your support email .​
For example,​ our voice-changing product,​ MorphVOX,​ has a​ FAQ on​ the​ common issues that customers may come across .​
We also have provided detailed online documentation on​ topics that users may want to​ explore more .​
This takes care of​ roughly 95% of​ the​ questions people may have.
2. Add a​ support email link on​ your Web site for issues that can’t be resolved by the​ Web support .​
At Screaming Bee,​ we try to​ answer our customer questions within one business day .​
More often,​ we’ll answer questions within an​ hour of​ receiving the​ email .​
I​ believe that we have gained many loyal customers because of​ our aggressive efforts to​ meet needs in​ a​ timely manner.
3. Provide a​ message board or​ forum for customers to​ voice their opinions,​ add comments,​ and interact with each other .​
Remember that people are social creatures and like to​ be heard .​
This also helps to​ build up a​ community of​ users that are empowered and have a​ say in​ the​ products and services that you​ provide.
4. Write a​ personal email to​ each customer .​
Have you​ followed up on​ your customers after they have made a​ purchase of​ your products or​ services? This is​ essential,​ not only from the​ perspective of​ getting feedback on​ how to​ improve your offerings,​ but more importantly,​ maintaining the​ trusting,​ long-term relationship with your customer .​
Send them an​ email within 3-4 weeks of​ the​ first purchase .​
In this way their experience with your products and services is​ fresh in​ their mind .​
Remember,​ a​ customer who is​ ignored is​ a​ customer who is​ lost .​
Spending time and effort on​ better communication with your customers will pay off .​
Your company will rise and fall not on​ the​ customers you​ gain,​ but on​ the​ customers that you​ don’t lose .​
Loyal customers will be the​ ones that give you​ the​ best testimonials .​
They also provide you​ with the​ richest,​ organic,​ word-of-mouth marketing .​
Remember that every happy customer is​ a​ testament of​ your company’s success.
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