Beginners Guide To Starting An Online Business

Today the​ Internet is​ much more than a​ simple document storage/retrieval system. it​ is​ a​ great vehicle for anyone who wants to​ setup an​ online business with little or​ no money and a​ want-it-now attitude.

I have a​ programming background but it​ was not my technical know-how that allowed me succeed in​ this area but my trials and errors as​ an​ online business owner.

I have tried many opportunities and techniques but it​ was through my failures I've learnt and consolidated a​ simple technique to​ succeed as​ an​ online business owner.

I can assure you​ that,​ although you​ will need to​ acquire some basic technical skills,​ your success will depend not on​ your programming or​ typing skills but more on​ what you​ have between your ears.

Below is​ my list of​ what you'll need and have to​ do,​ to​ succeed as​ an​ online business owner.

1. Have a​ dream and persistence. if​ you​ haven't got a​ dream and the​ persistence to​ follow it​ through then you​ will fail,​ guarantied.

2. Have a​ mentor. Find someone who has gained the​ experience in​ this field. Beg,​ crawl,​ wash their car,​ do whatever takes to​ become their student. Listen to​ their advice and learn from their failures and successes. You'll save yourself a​ lot of​ time,​ effort and money not to​ mention heartache and disappointment.

3. Find a​ hobby,​ a​ 'pet' project,​ something you​ are interested in​ and would do without payment or​ rewards. if​ it​ gets you​ excited,​ keeps you​ awake at​ nights thinking about it,​ it​ will provide you​ with opportunities to​ make money from it​ too. For example,​ once you​ have a​ project/activity that you​ live for,​ be it​ surfing,​ stamp collection,​ video games,​ mobile phones,​ you​ could start a​ local club. Once the​ club is​ established you​ can start a​ club website. Once the​ website is​ up and running you​ can introduce products to​ promote the​ club and your project/activity. you​ get the​ picture? you​ probably have seen the​ film 'Pay it​ forward'. Well,​ you​ can use the​ same principle in​ establishing an​ online business. Give something valuable first and then you'll get your opportunities to​ reap your rewards.

4. Promote and automate your project website. Once you​ completed step 3 above and your site is​ up and running you​ want to​ be able to​ promote your club site to​ 'outsiders'. you​ don't have to​ get technical and bogged down in​ programming or​ writing strings of​ HTML code. There are brilliant software out there to​ do a​ lot of​ 'skilled' tasks with the​ push of​ a​ button (both free and commercial products). Learn to​ use them well! Promoting your website should be your priority from now on. Get as​ many people to​ come to​ the​ site as​ you​ can and automate this activity. Start a​ newsletter to​ keep in​ touch with your members and provide them with free advice,​ tips and news on​ the​ subject of​ your project/activity. And again,​ automate this too. Get software to​ automatically distribute your newsletters and automatically sort any emails you​ get in​ reply to​ your posts. Set up autoresponders signup new members and to​ respond to​ email queries; automate,​ automate,​ automate...

5. Once you​ have enough members and you​ have an​ established,​ loyal group of​ followers,​ you​ can introduce your promotional products and other services that you​ now want to​ sell and make money from as​ a​ business. You'll have to​ be gentle and do this bit by bit. you​ may also find it​ useful to​ have another,​ separate,​ commercial site for this purpose and simply direct your members there from your 'signature files' or​ 'letterheads' you​ send out as​ part of​ your club newsletter. By now you​ should have enough experience in​ setting up and running a​ website from step 3 above. if​ you​ did have a​ separate commercial site you​ run a​ smaller risk of​ offending 'purist' club members.

6. Review the​ operation of​ your site,​ experiment and test the​ effect of​ site layout,​ content,​ headlines etc. Review and look for opportunities to​ further automate anything that you​ can to​ make your site 'self-sustaining'. if​ you​ do this you​ should be able to​ get yourself more free time to​ actually enjoy your hobby/project and to​ go out and look for more new material (advice,​ tips and news) that you​ can send out to​ you​ members. Once you​ have a​ website running and are making money out of​ it,​ it​ is​ very easy to​ forget that without new content and looking after your members your business will not survive. So make sure that the​ time you​ have freed up by automating your processes,​ you​ put back into searching for and providing fresh content and keep on​ provide a​ service to​ your members and keep in​ mind that they are members because they share your enthusiasm for the​ hobby and not for your business. Find a​ gentle balance between that hobby and your commercial interests.

Wishing you​ success in​ your new adventure,​
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