Beginners Guide To Network Marketing Mlm

Beginner's Guide to​ Network Marketing (MLM)
Network Marketing,​ also called MLM (multi-level marketing) can be very profitable .​
Many companies operate in​ this way,​ for example Amway,​ Kleeneze and the​ Body Shop.
The main requirement for this business is​ to​ be good at​ selling .​
Don't despair if​ you're a​ shy wallflower as​ selling is​ a​ skill that can be learned,​ and in​ most network marketing companies you​ should be provided with plenty of​ training materials and help .​
When you​ join a​ network marketing company there are two ways of​ earning money .​
Firstly,​ by selling the​ company's products to​ the​ customer,​ you​ would then receive a​ percentage of​ the​ products you​ sell .​
Secondly you​ can also recruit other sales agents,​ while continuing to​ sell the​ products yourself .​
You would then receive commission for every sale your agents make also.
Although this is​ a​ profitable way to​ earn money,​ don't be fooled by claims that it​ is​ easy to​ earn money with little effort .​
It can be possible to​ get into a​ position whereby you​ build a​ large network of​ sellers,​ who provide you​ with an​ income with their efforts,​ but you​ have to​ put in​ the​ work and it​ doesn't happen overnight.
If you​ are good at​ selling and are prepared to​ put in​ the​ work then this could be a​ very good way of​ making money.
There are a​ wide range of​ products available to​ make money .​
Choose a​ company whose products you​ like and perhaps would buy yourself,​ as​ this will make it​ much easier to​ sell.
Also make sure there are not too many agents for the​ company in​ the​ area you​ would like to​ work .​
This would make it​ difficult to​ sell a​ reasonable amount.
Try to​ find a​ proactive,​ experienced and helpful agent when deciding on​ which company to​ join .​
They will be the​ ones providing you​ with the​ most training and advice .​
Some agents provide regular training sessions and online forums to​ help and encourage each other .​
Request information from several people or​ companies before making a​ decision.
You don't need any qualifications to​ join .​
You will be trained by the​ company you​ join to​ sell the​ product you​ choose.
Once you​ have chosen the​ company you​ wish to​ sell for,​ you​ will need to​ purchase their basic kit - this can be as​ little as​ a​ short training guide and some catalogues,​ to​ a​ package of​ products,​ stationery,​ catalogues and training materials .​
You should not be required to​ buy the​ products yourself to​ sell on​ .​
It is​ common however,​ to​ be expected to​ pay for some samples of​ the​ products at​ up to​ £100 ($200).
It is​ then up to​ you​ to​ make contacts to​ sell the​ products .​
You can sell through friends and their friends,​ work colleagues,​ special events,​ schools (check first),​ holding a​ party,​ or​ anywhere you​ can leave a​ catalogue in​ their business or​ office.
To work in​ network marketing you​ will need energy and resilience and a​ tough skin to​ cope with the​ many rejections!
At the​ start you​ may only be making a​ small amount,​ but successful people with a​ big network can make £100,​000 ($200,​000) .​
However this is​ not common and the​ average earnings are around £5,​000 ($10,​000) a​ year.
If you​ are comfortable with selling and have or​ can make contacts you​ could persuade to​ sell to,​ you​ can make good money.
Good way of​ meeting people.
Flexible working hours.
Help,​ training and encouragement from your upline (the person that you​ joined the​ networking company through)
Ready-made business
Lot of​ time and effort required.
Could lose friends if​ you​ try too hard to​ sell products to​ them or​ try to​ make them become agents too.
Start up costs (although usually relatively low - less that £100 or​ $200)
Must be good at​ selling,​ or​ be willing to​ learn how to​ sell.
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