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The best way to​ kick off your Asian travels is​ in​ China’s progressive and even tragically hip capital city of​ Beijing. Traditional relics like the​ Tiananmen gate stand juxtaposed against the​ imposing modernist architecture of​ recent history,​ most notable in​ the​ Dashanzi Art District. the​ People’s Republic of​ China has its financial industries mainly in​ Shanghai and Hong Kong,​ but Beijing remains the​ nation’s true cultural and political center.

Orange County Meets Ming Dynasty in​ Beijing

When many travelers think of​ Beijing,​ they imagine the​ dictatorial atmosphere of​ Mao Zedong or​ television images of​ protesting citizens; however,​ Beijing has a​ tremendous history beginning as​ early as​ the​ 1st century BCE and has persevered through Kublai Kahn’s Mongols,​ Japanese invasion,​ and the​ Communist Civil War victory in​ 1949.

The Forbidden City is​ a​ fascinating journey through 500 years of​ Imperial secrecy. the​ head of​ state no longer resides here and the​ beautiful buildings and breathtaking gardens are open to​ the​ public year-round. the​ entrance to​ the​ Forbidden City is​ the​ infamous Tiananmen Square and gate,​ protected by four formidable marble lions. Nearby,​ the​ Temple of​ Heaven is​ another sublime representation of​ an​ era of​ dynasties and royal architecture. With airfare to​ Beijing,​ you​ also have the​ extra opportunity to​ see the​ Great Wall of​ China,​ which is​ only one and a​ half hours away by bus.

Although there are hundreds of​ historical sites in​ Beijing,​ the​ rapidly sprawling metropolis is​ also overflowing with contemporary wonders and luxuries. the​ National Zoo houses the​ largest inland aquarium in​ the​ world as​ well as​ China’s famous pandas. Next to​ the​ Imperial Palace,​ the​ Wan Fung Art Gallery provides insight into the​ artistic transition from regal and traditional to​ cutting edge contemporary. Most interestingly,​ the​ suburban sprawl has witnessed the​ creation of​ a​ $60 million American-inspired community called Orange County,​ complete with town homes and tract housing.

Chinese Cultural Centrifuge in​ Beijing

Experience two cultural traditions in​ one at​ the​ Laoshe Tea House where you​ will be both charmed by Chinese opera and soothed by a​ variety of​ traditional teas. For world-class shopping in​ Beijing,​ visit Wangfujing,​ or​ you​ can find your way into the​ many enchanting smaller districts for traditional Chinese shops and boutiques. Beijing is​ also home to​ several notable temples like the​ Miaoying,​ and even a​ mosque that was built in​ 996.
With such dynamic experiences to​ offer and the​ immaculate preservation of​ its past,​ Beijing is​ truly an​ international city and there’s no wonder the​ cosmopolis has been chosen for the​ Olympics. Get your airfare to​ Beijing now or​ wait for the​ 2008 Summer Olympics in​ Beijing.
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