Battling Travel Anxiety

Battling Travel Anxiety
The classic anxiety story about travel involves being on​ the​ road for a​ while only to​ suddenly remember that you​ forgot to​ turn off the​ oven .​
While that is​ a​ domestic story,​ there is​ just as​ much or​ more anxiety that can go into getting on​ the​ road for a​ business purpose as​ there is​ for private travel .​
the​ details that must be taken care of​ to​ put a​ business trip on​ the​ road can be overwhelming.
It is​ easy to​ develop an​ anxiety complex when going on​ a​ business trip and get to​ where you​ are in​ a​ constant state of​ stress and worry that you​ have forgotten something or​ that there is​ an​ important detail that was left undone before you​ left .​
This stress anxiety can be destructive to​ your business goals for the​ trip .​
So you​ need some basic concepts that you​ can go back to​ just before the​ business trips gets underway and as​ you​ get on​ the​ road so you​ have some ammunition to​ combat travel anxiety en route.
* Call in​ the​ troops .​
One big way to​ stop travel anxiety in​ its tracks is​ to​ utilize your business partners to​ help you​ prepare for the​ trip .​
It is​ likely that a​ number of​ people in​ your chain of​ command or​ in​ your department have a​ vested interest in​ seeing the​ trip you​ are setting out to​ accomplish is​ a​ success .​
Use their help to​ plan the​ trip and to​ develop detailed check lists of​ what has to​ happen before you​ leave and what has to​ go with you​ .​
Then on​ the​ day before you​ depart,​ meet with those associates and review those lists .​
as​ you​ check off each thing,​ insist that your associate initial the​ list to​ validate that the​ detail was taken care of .​
Then take the​ list with you​ .​
By consulting it​ often,​ you​ can calm yourself that you​ did take care of​ all the​ details along the​ way.
* Did you​ forget your head? Ok so you​ have a​ good system in​ to​ make sure all of​ your business needs are covered,​ the​ next level of​ anxiety comes when you​ are sitting on​ the​ airplane and you​ wonder if​ you​ packed everything you​ need for travel personally .​
There are a​ couple of​ antidotes to​ this type of​ travel anxiety .​
First of​ all,​ use a​ similar check list system to​ assure you​ have what you​ need on​ the​ flight .​
you​ can develop a​ travel check list that you​ maintain and update from business trip to​ business trip .​
as​ you​ use that list each trip,​ you​ will discover any missing items or​ things to​ do and update the​ list .​
And by checking each need off as​ you​ take care of​ it​ before you​ travel,​ you​ can calm that nervous system of​ yours that you​ have done everything so its time to​ relax.
* What do you​ really need after all? Second of​ all,​ if​ that check list system has dozens of​ items and issues on​ it,​ much of​ that can be eliminated by that simple question .​
the​ truth is​ there is​ very little you​ really need that you​ cannot get there if​ you​ forgot something at​ home .​
you​ must have your airline tickets,​ your driver’s license and credit card and any special medication that cannot be found at​ your destination .​
If you​ have plenty of​ credit,​ there really is​ little else you​ cannot buy at​ your destination point if​ you​ forgot something or​ other .​
Comfort yourself that the​ trip won’t grind to​ a​ halt if​ you​ forgot something.
* But what if? That question literally can drive you​ insane .​
If you​ let yourself start thinking about whether the​ plane will crash or​ if​ your dog dies while you​ are away or​ the​ hundred of​ other what ifs that might happen,​ you​ will turn into a​ ball of​ anxiety before the​ first flight is​ done .​
So the​ answer to​ but what if? is​ that has not happened so far and the​ odds it​ will happen this time are remote .​
Use some logic and adult thinking to​ combat emotional urge to​ worry.
The urge to​ worry is​ natural in​ all of​ us .​
Its part of​ your urgent desire to​ do well on​ the​ road .​
But make one of​ the​ things on​ that check list of​ things that must happen for this business trip to​ be a​ success just one word which is​ RELAX .​
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