Bask Unabashedly In The Bahamas Bahamas Travel Information

From the​ Biminis in​ the​ northwest to​ Great Inagua in​ the​ southeast,​ the​ Bahamas is​ a​ blissfully tropical stretch of​ about 700 islands and cays in​ the​ Atlantic Ocean. the​ tropical and subtropical paradise is​ quite literally a​ vacationer’s every dream all within the​ single sovereign country of​ the​ Commonwealth of​ the​ Bahamas. Catch your airfare to​ the​ Bahamas and dive into the​ resort life or​ island hop to​ adventure this season!

Travel to​ the​ Bahamas is​ quite simple due to​ its proximity to​ the​ U.S. coast of​ Florida. Airfare to​ the​ Bahamas is​ most common through Miami International Airport,​ although many major airlines now fly direct to​ Nassau. From there you​ can catch an​ island jumper to​ any of​ the​ Bahamian islands. Travel within the​ Bahamas is​ just that easy; for excursions from Nassau you​ may jump on​ a​ ferry to​ any of​ the​ outlying and far more peaceful islets.

White Sand,​ White Sails,​ Why Not?

The Bahamas is​ quite possibly the​ quintessential getaway for most of​ the​ United States,​ Canada,​ Europe and South America. the​ booming cruise ship industry makes a​ large portion of​ its voyages to​ the​ islands,​ typically leaving port from either Miami or​ Fort Lauderdale and stopping on​ New Providence and a​ small handful of​ other islands. For more of​ a​ land-based stay,​ book yourself an​ all-inclusive week in​ one of​ the​ many luxurious resorts.

The island of​ San Salvador offers several secluded retreats catering to​ the​ romantics,​ as​ well as​ its own slice of​ famous history. Often referred to​ as​ Columbus Isle,​ this is​ the​ first piece of​ New World upon which Christopher Columbus dropped his anchor. Though this may not be a​ celebrated moment among the​ locals,​ it​ is​ still historically significant. Crooked Island is​ also a​ wonderfully wild stop in​ the​ Bahamas. Rugged coastline gives way to​ thick greenery rich with endangered birds,​ butterflies and even some flamingoes. the​ island also boasts ‘the world’s largest swimming pool,​’ in​ the​ form of​ the​ crystal clear shallows of​ Bathing Beach.

Speaking of​ the​ pink creatures,​ make a​ trip to​ Inagua National Park to​ view the​ largest breeding colony of​ West Indian flamingoes in​ the​ world. the​ park is​ centered about Lake Rosa,​ where hundreds of​ exotic birds dominate the​ shimmering waters. For even more adventure,​ discover the​ limestone openings to​ the​ longest underwater cave system in​ the​ world against a​ picturesque backdrop of​ golden dunes and turquoise waves on​ Grand Bahama’s Lucayan National Park.

Bahamian Bon Voyage

The unique wonders of​ the​ Bahamas are seemingly countless. Although most travelers stay resort and beach bound,​ it​ is​ clearly worth anyone’s while to​ explore the​ natural gifts and cultural diversity of​ these islands. From world-class divers to​ professional deep sea fishermen,​ the​ Bahamas is​ not short of​ sport and recreation. While the​ capital of​ Nassau offers all major city amenities,​ the​ towns of​ the​ southeast islands are far more intimate and socially diverse,​ rich with Caribbean fare and regional specialties. Get your feet in​ some white sand this year. Bon Voyage!
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