Basics Of Nutrition

Basics of​ Nutrition
There are many things to​ learn about when it​ comes to​ nutrition. But the​ basic concept is​ What goes in​ must come out. Your body is​ like a​ machine it​ takes what it​ needs from what you​ feed it​ and gets rid of​ the​ rest by urine and the​ bowels.
If you​ notice you​ have a​ problem about elimination,​ you​ should take it​ seriously,​ go see a​ doctor. Many people have this problem. Don’t be shy or​ anything,​ it​ can be very serous to​ your health.
The first step,​ is​ finding out if​ there even is​ a​ problem. First you​ should see how many bowel movements you​ have daily BM. if​ you​ have one per day it’s not a​ problem,​ however it​ is​ better to​ have 2 to​ 3 BM’s a​ day and more if​ you​ eat more often. But if​ you​ find you​ are having one per week or​ 2 per month,​ then you​ have a​ serious problem.
For some people they might say they don’t find the​ time. the​ reason could be they are out all day and would prefer to​ have their BM at​ home rather then a​ public bathroom. But let me tell you,​ you​ will keep your colon quite happy if​ you​ go several times for the​ day. if​ you​ are looking for a​ trick it​ would be to​ eat a​ lot of​ raw fruits and vegetables,​ steamed beets and using digestive enzymes with your meals. Do whatever you​ can; it​ will be beneficial to​ you.
I have just lightly touched on​ the​ subject,​ but if​ you​ have a​ problem you​ should consult a​ doctor and seek help. Because this problem is​ not good for your health,​ take care of​ it​ today and look forward to​ tomorrow. May you​ live a​ healthy and prosper life.
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