Basic Online Business Techniques

When someone starts an​ online business,​ and many do,​ they tend to​ think that they know what they are doing. in​ other words,​ they don't have a​ clue. Everyone keep telling them that they need a​ nice looking website,​ throw some affiliate programs on​ it,​ advertise at​ free classifieds pages,​ and watch the​ money roll in. Easy money,​ right? That's what they think.

"I don't need anyone to​ show me how to​ do this. it​ shouldn't be hard at​ all. Actually,​ it​ should be a​ walk in​ the​ park." Many people probably think like that. So they advertise here and there. Free classifieds. Free advertising. Maybe some forum posting every day. Free traffic,​ right?

A few days go by. Then a​ few weeks go by and they only made about $30 in​ sales in​ one month. Many continue to​ do this and think that if​ they keep doing the​ same thing,​ maybe a​ miracle will happen.

Not so......

It so very true that the​ online work at​ home arena is​ highly competitive. if​ you​ are doing the​ same thing and keep getting the​ same results over and over again,​ not only are you​ killing your potential for online success,​ but you​ are allowing other competitors to​ pass you​ by. the​ only thing that you​ need to​ do is​ to​ stop and find someone who is​ already succeeding with their online business. Become like an​ investigator. Investigate what they do EXACTLY on​ a​ daily basis that created that wealth for them.

Here are a​ few good pointers on​ what you​ can do to​ succeed online:

1) Start Getting Educated......

Again,​ find someone who is​ very successful online and see what they are doing on​ a​ daily basis that creates their success. Do some detailed research online as​ to​ what methods and techniques are working for them and others. you​ can not succeed if​ you​ keep associating yourself with people who aren't successful online. So you​ need to​ take yourself by the​ hands and start to​ associate with successful online friends.

2) you​ need an​ Auto-responder.....

Before I go into explaining this subject,​ it​ is​ important that you​ know that you​ will want to​ work with an​ opt in​ email subscribers who will come to​ your site and give you​ their personal permission to​ send them periodic emails. What you​ will not want to​ do is​ to​ buy email subscribers. if​ you​ do buy them and send them your emails,​ then this can kill you​ and your online reputation.

Having and opt-in email list will allow you​ to​ free up lots of​ your time because your prospects will be receiving messages from you​ periodically and automatically. the​ nice thing about email marketing is​ that instead of​ you​ having to​ call them each time you​ want to​ promote something,​ which will take you​ forever,​ your auto-responder system will be working for you​ while you​ go out and have fun.

Imagine having an​ opt in​ list of​ 10,​000 subscribers. if​ you​ were to​ call each one of​ them to​ promote one of​ your programs,​ think how long it​ will take you​ to​ reach all of​ them. it​ would be impossible for you. With email,​ you​ can contact them all in​ a​ matter of​ a​ few seconds or​ minutes. you​ write one email and hit the​ "submit" button,​ and you​ are all done.

"If I don't get an​ auto-responder and email subscribers,​ will this cut my chances of​ succeeding online?"

I am not saying that it​ will,​ but if​ you​ do get one,​ your income will just keep growing all the​ time as​ your subscribers do.
3) Find a​ mentor

After you​ find someone who is​ very successful online,​ email them and tell them that you​ will want to​ work with them one on​ one if​ it​ is​ possible. Don't try going into their training thinking that you​ know it​ all. Listen and follow each guideline that they are recommending to​ you.

This person will be your mentor. Your coach and most of​ all,​ your friend.

By stepping out and trying a​ proven way to​ make money online,​ you​ will begin to​ see that you​ too can make a​ nice income online. And the​ best advice that I can also give you​ is​ to​ never ever give up. a​ lot of​ people are making nice incomes online and so can you. Believe in​ yourself and you​ will succeed.
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