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Simultaneously the​ geographic,​ cultural and political heart of​ Thailand,​ Bangkok bustles with enthralling nightlife,​ charms with enchanting histories,​ and sooths with its blooming relaxation industry. Therefore,​ the​ world explorer may find that travel to​ Bangkok is​ an​ all-encompassing experience of​ modern Southeast Asia’s many diverse offerings. And luckily,​ finding airfare to​ Bangkok right here on​ cFares is​ not nearly as​ mysterious as​ navigating the​ charming but winding streets and canals of​ the​ city itself.

Bangkok is​ officially known as​ Krung Thep,​ “City of​ Angels” in​ Thai,​ and Bangkok is​ actually only a​ small district that is​ home to​ the​ original village situated along the​ Chao Phraya River. the​ Bangkok of​ today certainly offers a​ taste for every palate. the​ infamous nightlife is​ overactive while the​ temples,​ museums and walking tours are abundant.

Travel Bangkok through the​ Ages

The palaces and wats are a​ wonderful place to​ begin your Bangkok journey. Begin with the​ Grand Palace,​ which was the​ home and headquarters of​ the​ King of​ Thailand from the​ 18th to​ 20th centuries. the​ breathtaking complex sits on​ the​ west bank of​ the​ Chao Phraya River and is​ built in​ moat-wall fortress fashion to​ shield the​ Royal Family from invasions. Do not miss the​ Wat Phra Kaew,​ which contains the​ legendary Emerald Buddha – a​ solid jade figurine donning pure gold robes that are changed by the​ King with the​ seasons. to​ the​ north,​ Wat Pho is​ home to​ the​ world’s largest reclining buddha,​ 15 by 46 meters of​ solid gold. the​ modern Royal Family resides at​ Chitralada Palace,​ a​ phenomenon of​ architectural landscaping and a​ bastion of​ education (there is​ a​ school on​ the​ grounds) and environment.

The best way to​ experience the​ different districts of​ Bangkok and the​ city’s evolution resulting from global and local events over the​ last few centuries is​ to​ walk down the​ main avenues as​ they pass through changing scenes. Khao San Road is​ famous for its international diversity marrying east and west,​ if​ not solely for the​ funky hippy charm and somewhat diluted sense of​ reality you​ may feel yourself walking into. Make sure to​ also explore the​ stretches of​ Sukhumvit Road for a​ more downtown Bangkok feel teeming with clubs and restaurants.

Indulge the​ Thai Way,​ It’s Your Way

Many associate a​ vacation to​ Thailand with a​ jaunt into the​ lap of​ leisure,​ and you​ should consider Bangkok the​ capital. Bangkok boasts some of​ the​ most famous hotels in​ the​ world,​ including the​ Oriental and the​ Peninsula,​ which are full service spa experiences. Seek and you​ shall find the​ Thai massage of​ your dreams. Bangkok is​ filled with hundred of​ full service spas and simple massage houses,​ something to​ fit every budget. the​ canals also offer a​ nice break from the​ exhaust and motors of​ congested city streets. a​ boat tour for every fancy is​ available,​ including a​ market tour to​ experience the​ unique Bangkok street markets from the​ convenience of​ the​ canal,​ or​ a​ temple tour by water that explores 5 different temples and their histories.

Now the​ pleasures,​ wonders and tastes of​ Bangkok are at​ your fingertips. a​ few clicks on​ cFares is​ sure to​ land you​ airfare to​ Bangkok in​ no time. See for yourself the​ dynamic cultural mesh of​ ancient Thailand and western post-war Bangkok,​ a​ beautiful melting pot of​ expats,​ students,​ young vibrant locals and the​ old generation.
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