Australia Travel Cautionary Measures

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Travel warnings are issued by governments and are decided based on​ the​ information they gather. They serve to​ inform citizens of​ the​ situation in​ that particular country,​ and whether any travel there is​ safe or​ not.

Travel to​ Australia is​ generally regarded to​ be safe,​ though things have changed lately,​ in​ keeping with the​ changing situation worldwide. Though Australia has not directly experienced terror attacks,​ the​ threat of​ one has definitely increased,​ with the​ recent blasts on​ the​ Indonesian island of​ Bali,​ which lies close to​ Australia and is​ frequented by Australian tourists. the​ only travel warning against Australia is​ from Japan,​ whose tourists and travelers pump in​ about $2.7 billion into Australia’s economy every year. This travel warning warns against the​ rising rate of​ crime,​ including theft and muggings,​ in​ Australia.

As regards issuing travel warnings for other countries,​ Australia employs a​ ranking system that indicates the​ specific country’s perceived safety situation. the​ rank provided to​ each country can be either of​ these options – be alert to​ own security,​ exercise caution,​ high degree of​ caution,​ reconsider your need to​ travel,​ do not travel,​ with the​ ‘be alert to​ own security’ being the​ least dangerous and ‘do not travel’ indicating high levels of​ danger.

Australians are expected to​ take the​ greatest care when traveling to​ countries that make up the​ ‘reconsider you​ need to​ travel’ and ‘do not travel’ lists. in​ fact,​ just like the​ names suggest,​ travel to​ these countries should be either reconsidered or​ avoided at​ all costs.

The countries that currently find a​ place in​ the​ ‘reconsider your need to​ travel’ list include Angola,​ Central African Republic,​ Colombia,​ Democratic Republic of​ Congo,​ Haiti,​ Indonesia,​ Israel,​ Liberia,​ Nepal,​ Pakistan,​ Saudi Arabia,​ Sri Lanka,​ Sudan and Yemen.

Countries listed by Australia that are the​ most dangerous in​ general,​ and for Australian citizens in​ particular,​ find a​ place in​ the​ ‘do not travel’ list and comprise Afghanistan,​ Burundi,​ East Timor,​ Iraq,​ Ivory Coast and Somalia.

Books on​ Australia Traveling

There are a​ wide variety of​ travel books available for anyone who wants to​ gain some information before setting out for a​ trip to​ Australia. These travel books offer a​ range of​ information that includes local destinations,​ attractions,​ transportation,​ accommodation,​ facilities,​ various costs and other basic information.

With Australia being a​ popular tourist destination,​ most bookstores around the​ globe are bound to​ have a​ number of​ travel books on​ the​ country. These books provide prospective tourists and travelers with general and specific information about Australia. Such information normally relates to​ the​ Australia’s geography,​ culture,​ customs,​ society,​ the​ best time to​ visit the​ country,​ visa procedures and other formalities required for entering and exiting the​ country,​ information about bringing in​ plant or​ animal life,​ local cuisine,​ safety tips,​ etc.
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