Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Adhd Has A Simple Cause Poor Nutrition And Food Additive

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder,​ ADHD,​ has a​ simple cause poor nutrition and​ food additive
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New research is​ appearing now thats showing the​ link between the​ consumption of​ food additives by children — especially food colorings — and​ attention deficit hyperactivity disorder,​ or​ ADHD. ​
Wellinformed parents have long realized that the​ consumption of​ food additives causes hyperactivity in​ their children,​ but most conventional doctors have dismissed the​ idea as​ pure bunk. ​
of​ course,​ far too many doctors dismiss the​ idea that food choice has any relationship to​ health in​ the​ first place,​ so the​ view from conventional medicine doesnt carry much weight.
The real story here,​ however,​ is​ not that food additives and​ artificial colorings cause ADHD,​ but that there are several other dietary substances that heavily influence a​ childs mental state and​ daytoday behavior.
Lets face it​ the​ human brain is​ a​ flesh and​ blood organ,​ and​ it​ is​ strongly influenced by blood chemistry,​ which is,​ in​ turn,​ dictated almost entirely by diet. ​
What you​ eat,​ in​ other words,​ determines what your blood composition looks like,​ and​ what your blood composition looks like determines the​ way your brain functions. ​
of​ course there are other factors,​ such as​ physical exercise and​ environmental influences,​ but the​ largest factor of​ all is​ dietary.
So when you​ eat processed foods containing additives and​ artificial colors,​ you​ are introducing toxic chemicals into your bloodstream. ​
Those chemicals find their way into the​ brain and​ alter brain function,​ and​ in​ the​ case of​ children who have been diagnosed with ADHD,​ it​ alters their behavior to​ make them restless or​ to​ have a​ shortened attention span. ​
it​ can also cause children and​ adults alike to​ display other problems derived from their mental state. ​
Well discuss the​ impact of​ nutritional deficiency on​ adult society next time.
But it​ isnt just food additives causing detrimental effects — its also refined carbohydrates. ​
People who eat large quantities of​ white bread or​ food containing refined white flour also suffer from mental disorders. ​
These can include depression,​ aggression and​ violent behavior,​ and​ learning disabilities. ​
Consuming refined carbohydrates also causes people to​ have brain fog — that is,​ they cant concentrate for very long,​ and​ they dont feel like they have clarity of​ mind.
Drinking soft drinks also causes the​ same effect,​ because it​ is​ essentially the​ same macronutrient thats poisoning your body refined sugars. ​
as​ it​ turns out,​ these refined sugars also cause behavioral disorders by depleting the​ body of​ nutrients that are critical for neurological health. ​
These nutrients include the​ B vitamins and​ several notable minerals,​ including magnesium and​ zinc. ​
When the​ human body is​ deficient in​ these vitamins and​ minerals,​ it​ will,​ of​ course,​ exhibit both mental and​ physical disorders. ​
The problem in​ all of​ this is​ that rather than recognizing the​ true cause of​ these mental and​ physical disorders in​ our children and​ in​ our adult population,​ conventional medicine labels it​ a​ disease. ​
Therefore,​ the​ treatment becomes a​ ​Drug​ rather than changing your diet,​ and​ thats where things get crazy,​ because now were dosing up tens of​ millions of​ our children on​ Ritalin when the​ true answer to​ their behavioral problems or​ lack of​ focus is​ to​ immediately remove soft drinks,​ cookies,​ and​ sugary breakfast cereals from their diets. ​
if ​ you​ feed your children foods that enhance their health — that is,​ unprocessed foods like fruits,​ vegetables,​ whole grains and​ superfoods — then they wont exhibit these behavioral problems.
In fact,​ the​ solution to​ all this is​ surprisingly simple we need to​ change the​ diets of​ our children. ​
We need to​ take vending machines out of​ our public school systems. ​
We need to​ reformulate school lunch programs so that they are feeding our children foods that promote learning and​ mental health. ​
We also need to​ educate parents about how to​ feed their children right,​ so that they arent so easily influenced by foods that their children want to​ eat.
And finally,​ we need to​ ban all advertising and​ marketing of​ unhealthy products to​ children. ​
it​ should be illegal,​ in​ a​ civilized society,​ for companies that manufacture products that cause obesity and​ ADHD to​ promote those products to​ children,​ because it​ only creates a​ cycle of​ disease and​ chronic illness that brings society down,​ and​ the​ longterm effect of​ all of​ this is,​ of​ course,​ skyrocketing health care costs.
Once again,​ the​ answer to​ all of​ this is​ simply to​ change the​ foods and​ drinks that we feed our nations children. ​
The answer is​ certainly not to​ be dosing our children with powerful narcotics such as​ Ritalin,​ because right now in​ this country we are raising a​ generation of​ brainnumbed children through our public school system and​ through the​ reckless,​ widespread pharmaceutical prescribing habits of​ many doctors and​ psychiatrists.
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Adhd Has A Simple Cause Poor Nutrition And Food Additive Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Adhd Has A Simple Cause Poor
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