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The internet is​ such a​ special creation. Its borderless nature,​ accessible to​ anyone in​ any part of​ the​ globe at​ the​ push of​ a​ button,​ provides information to​ anyone as​ and when they need it.

Similarly,​ the​ same flat structure of​ the​ internet also provides opportunities to​ any individual to​ have their own space and exposure to​ the​ world via a​ tool of​ mass media. it​ presents the​ average Asian will an​ opportunity to​ stamp his mark online.

Asia has seen a​ number of​ businesses make a​ presence for themselves starting from just having a​ website in​ the​ virtual world. as​ more and more of​ Asia obtains broadband,​ 3G and even WiMax access,​ the​ online market increases and more and more people recognise the​ internet’s potential as​ a​ cheap and wide reaching entry point for business.

Here are just a​ few notable online movers and shakers in​ Malaysia:

a. a​ simple,​ typical mode of​ a​ successful website,​ the​ site ranks 118,​909 on​ Alexa at​ the​ time of​ writing and provides free use of​ a​ forum and property listings. in​ exchange,​ it​ shows a​ multitude of​ Google ads at​ strategically placed locations,​ no doubt taking a​ small sum out of​ Google Adsense for little effort at​ all.

b. Founded by a​ former mainstream journalist wishing for more latitude in​ his reporting than possible in​ pro-government mainstream newspapers,​ this online newspaper was started online and hence enjoys the​ benefit of​ not requiring a​ press and printing licence that its mainstream contemporaries do. Accordingly,​ the​ prospect of​ having its licence cancelled does not constrain its every move. the​ public enjoys the​ comparatively frank reporting coming out of​ its website and indeed,​ it​ has probably done its bit to​ give more wholesome reports on​ socio-political issues in​ Malaysia. All this,​ whilst raking in​ a​ bit of​ cash for itself.

c. Malaysia’s No. 1 blog comes from Kuching,​ East Malaysia,​ by former it​ professional who studied in​ Perth. With his amusing wit and positive slant on​ issues,​ he tells all about the​ transition of​ returning from Perth to​ Kuching,​ trumpets his love for Kuching now and whips up a​ joke or​ two about current issues and happenings around the​ region.
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