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If the​ time has come for your vacation or​ a​ holiday getaway,​ read this article before making your plans. There are many places of​ great beauty and interest to​ be seen in​ the​ USA and Europe. But,​ whether transportation,​ touring,​ theme park,​ or​ food and lodging,​ it​ is​ expensive. This article is​ written for every traveler,​ whether a​ backpacker on​ a​ budget,​ or​ a​ first class - five star traveler.

Travel in​ Asia is​ inexpensive and opens the​ door to​ different cultural experiences. Planning can be for a​ short holiday,​ an​ extended stay,​ or​ choices of​ laying the​ groundwork for the​ ultimate stay,​ retirement. Nowadays,​ with so many opportunities to​ make money using the​ Internet it​ is​ not out of​ the​ question to​ "retire" early.

Medical Tourism in​ Asia growing in​ popularity. it​ is​ high quality and affordable. Just one of​ International standard hospitals in​ Bangkok serves 400,​000 international patients annually,​ in​ the​ USA cataract surgery for one eye runs around $8,​000. at​ a​ prestigious International hospital in​ Thailand cataract surgery can be performed on​ both eyes for around $2,​500. it​ is​ possible to​ have quality medical care,​ and an​ Asian holiday,​ for a​ fraction of​ the​ cost of​ the​ same procedure in​ the​ USA.

Let us take a​ tantalizing glimpse at​ just some of​ the​ countries.

Thailand - Land of​ Smiles. Often referred to​ as​ the​ most exotic country in​ Southeast Asia. a​ visit to​ the​ Grand Palace in​ Bangkok for sure. Trips to​ a​ floating market or​ to​ the​ Bridge on​ the​ River Kwai. From pristine beaches in​ the​ Southern Islands to​ the​ Northern mountains with its waterfalls,​ elephants bathing in​ mountain streams,​ and Hill Tribe villages.

India - Delhi is​ one of​ the​ oldest continually inhabited cities in​ the​ world. India Gate,​ an​ imposing structure,​ has emerged as​ one of​ the​ most popular tourist spots in​ Delhi. the​ Red Fort Delhi,​ a​ masterpiece of​ architecture,​ is​ a​ popular spot. a​ trip to​ India would not be complete without a​ visit to​ Agra,​ famous as​ the​ site of​ one of​ the​ world's most romantic,​ graceful and photographed buildings,​ the​ Taj Mahal.

Cambodia,​ Vietnam,​ Laos - Three small countries neighboring Thailand. Each opens a​ different world of​ exploration. Cambodia - the​ highlight is​ visiting Angkor Wat,​ an​ architectural masterpiece constructed in​ the​ jungle in​ the​ early 12th century. Vietnam - is​ a​ varied country,​ offering beaches,​ mountains and hundreds of​ years of​ history from the​ ancient Cham Towers to​ remnants from the​ Vietnam War. Laos - savor the​ crafts,​ culture and hospitality of​ Laos with a​ river trip,​ visits to​ ancient temples,​ gorgeous palaces,​ and traditional villages.

Nepal - Adventure,​ travel,​ trekking,​ birding,​ wildlife,​ and cultural & overland Safaris. Take an​ air flight along the​ Himalayas and view magnificent Mount Everest. Nearby,​ discover the​ serene beauty of​ Tibet,​ the​ country which inspired the​ Dalai Lama. .

Indonesia - Jakarta,​ the​ capital city of​ the​ world's fourth most-populous nation. Bali is​ Indonesia's main holiday destination. Flores is​ a​ pretty lush green island with forests,​ palm and banana trees,​ rice fields and many volcanoes. Highlights are the​ three small offshore islands of​ "Gillis" that invite snorkeling,​ diving and relaxing. For hikers,​ a​ climb to​ the​ top of​ the​ volcano Rijani.

Philippines - an​ island nation comprising over 7,​000 islands in​ the​ western Pacific Ocean.
Manila,​ the​ bustling capital has powerful reminders of​ the​ country's past,​ along with attractive parks,​ fine museums,​ and exhilarating nightlife. the​ Ifugao Rice Terraces
are a​ testimony to​ the​ early technological advancement of​ the​ Ifugao people. Take a​ jeepney ride to​ the​ market. Be brave,​ try balut,​ a​ Philippine delicacy. Go diving in​ the​ Visayas.

Singapore - Shopping on​ famous Orchard Road,​ the​ dream of​ every woman. the​ Night Safari at​ Singapore Zoo is​ fabulous. Chinatown,​ a​ little glitzy,​ but you​ can buy all the​ souvenirs you​ want there. Interestingly,​ one of​ Singapore's most beautiful Hindu temples is​ smack dab in​ the​ middle of​ Chinatown. Decide if​ a​ Singapore Sling is​ worth the​ hype in​ the​ Long Bar at​ Raffles Hotel. There's more to​ Singapore than urban glitz,​ like rambling in​ the​ rain forest of​ Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

Japan - Tokyo is​ the​ capital city and home of​ the​ Imperial Residence and Emperor's Palace. Select a​ popular destination or​ region in​ Japan and explore its attractions. Ride the​ Bullet Train to​ the​ magnificent city of​ Kyoto. Visit Hiroshima and the​ Peace Memorial Park. Castles,​ temples,​ gardens,​ the​ list of​ top destinations in​ Japan is​ too long for this article..

Taiwan - Taipei,​ the​ country's booming,​ vibrant capital remains steeped in​ Chinese,​ Japanese and native Taiwanese cultures. Some of​ its most impressive sights include the​ Grand Hotel,​ topped by the​ largest Classical Chinese roof in​ the​ world,​ the​ Shihlin Night Market,​ the​ Chiang Kai-shek Memorial with the​ National Theater and Concert Hall located directly across from each other on​ the​ grounds. a​ popular day trip is​ Tailuge (Taroko Gorge),​ considered one of​ the​ natural wonders of​ the​ world.

Hong Kong - the​ Pearl of​ East and jewel of​ the​ Orient. Nathan Road is​ lined with shops,​ restaurants,​ nightspots and cheap places to​ stay. if​ you're in​ Hong Kong with the​ little ones,​ they'll probably appreciate Ocean Park (aquarium),​ Water World (swimming pools and water slides),​ and of​ course Disneyland. if​ you're in​ Hong Kong for more than a​ few days,​ then there's plenty of​ outlying islands to​ discover.

It is​ often said that for the​ traveler that has seen it​ all and done it​ all,​ there is​ still Katmandu,​ Nepal. And,​ that too is​ in​ Asia!

If you​ do not visit Asia,​ you​ will be missing not only a​ paradise of​ affordable travel,​ but the​ chance to​ see an​ alternative living location. For retirees,​ it​ is​ luxury living for pennies,​ not just getting by on​ their pension. Asia,​ a​ paradise experience is​ waiting for you.
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