Arranging For Accessible Travel

People with disabilities of​ all kinds are able to​ travel successfully by arranging for accessible travel. Accessible travel arrangements meet the​ specific needs of​ the​ person traveling. you​ have to​ be your own advocate,​ though,​ and make sure that your needs are accommodated. the​ acronym APPLE will help you​ remember what to​ do.

Ask for what you​ need. Ask for help. Ask for information. Most people don’t know how a​ person with disabilities wants to​ be treated,​ so you’ll have to​ ask. For the​ most part,​ people are willing to​ accommodate you​ if​ they know what you​ need.

Accessible travel takes extra planning. you​ must check every reservation to​ make sure it​ is​ accessible to​ you. You’ll need to​ plan to​ take care of​ your needs with airport security—they are trained and willing to​ help people with disabilities,​ but it​ takes them extra time and they need to​ be notified ahead of​ time.

You’ll need to​ put extra effort into planning your itinerary,​ too. you​ are not limited in​ where you​ can go,​ no matter what disability you​ have. you​ may,​ however,​ have to​ make special arrangements to​ get there or​ to​ experience it.

This doesn’t just apply to​ travel arrangements. it​ applies to​ everything on​ your accessible travel agenda. if​ you​ will need help bathing,​ pre-arrange it. if​ you​ will need medical care while traveling,​ pre-arrange it. if​ you​ need your wheelchair,​ pre-arrange how it​ will be transported. Think through what you​ will need,​ and pre-arrange things so that your specific needs are met.

Leave plenty of​ time in​ your schedule at​ every point. Leave plenty of​ time to​ get through any security checks. it​ takes more time for them to​ accommodate special needs,​ and they have to​ search any equipment you​ need to​ take along.

Leave plenty of​ time to​ get from one place to​ another. you​ may have to​ wait for special transportation.

Leave plenty of​ time for each activity. Don’t allow yourself to​ be rushed.

Leave plenty of​ time for rest. Travel can be exhausting,​ and if​ you​ are going through special accessibility arrangements and security checks,​ it​ will be even worse. Leave yourself time every day to​ get a​ full night’s sleep and a​ nap.

Enjoy yourself. the​ fact that you​ need some kind of​ special arrangements or​ that you​ have to​ arrange accessible travel should not prevent you​ from having the​ time of​ your life.

When you​ are preparing to​ travel,​ APPLE will help you​ take the​ steps you​ need to​ make sure you​ have accessible travel arrangements. That will allow you​ to​ relax and enjoy your travel.
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