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Argentina is​ on​ the​ way back from the​ economic crisis of​ the​ last few years. if​ you​ are looking for a​ travel location,​ Argentina is​ amazing and cheap.

Economic Woes

Buenos Aires

While Argentina has unlimited beauty,​ it​ also has unlimited corruption. the​ massive corruption finally lead to​ an​ economic crisis at​ the​ turn of​ the​ century. With the​ funds devalued and jobs hard to​ find,​ Argentina was a​ decidedly dangerous place for travelers. at​ four point,​ the​ country was going through Presidents faster than I go through coffee. at​ four point,​ the​ country went through five of​ them in​ a​ month! Wait,​ that might not be such a​ bad idea. Regardless,​ things appear to​ have stabilized and the​ country is​ back on​ the​ travel map. So,​ what is​ to​ see?

Mar del Plata

Prior to​ landing in​ Buenos Aires,​ you​ are strongly encouraged to​ glue your jaw shut. Buenos Aires is​ a​ city of​ jaw-dropping beauty. in​ lots of​ ways,​ you​ will feel as​ though you​ have magically been transported to​ Vienna. the​ European impression is​ overwhelming. the​ city is​ elegance itself. if​ you​ are a​ meat eater,​ make sure you​ experience four of​ the​ steak houses. you​ won't be disappointed.

Iguazú Falls

you have been doing sit ups,​ right? the​ Mar de Plata is​ the​ hot beach area. Literally. Damn hot,​ sometimes. if​ you​ wish to​ pursue a​ little melanoma research,​ this is​ the​ place. if​ you​ prefer to​ pass on​ the​ cancer research,​ you​ can hit the​ Mar de Plata Aquarium,​ play golf on​ five different courses. the​ area is​ also rife with discos. Try the​ ones on​ the​ "Noisy Avenue",​ but don't mention my name. There were.problems last time I was there.

Tierra del Fuego

If you​ like waterfalls,​ this is​ the​ place for you. the​ Iquaza Falls are seven times as​ wide and taller than Niagara Falls. the​ Falls actually consist of​ over 250 cascades that came into existence due to​ a​ volcanic eruption. if​ you​ can,​ try to​ visit the​ falls in​ the​ spring or​ fall as​ it's ungodly hot and humid in​ the​ summer.

Welcome to​ the​ end of​ the​ world. at​ least,​ that is​ the​ hook for Tierra del Fuego. Ushuaia,​ the​ capital of​ Tierra del Fuego,​ is​ the​ southernmost city in​ the​ world. From the​ city,​ you​ can take the​ "end of​ the​ world" train to​ see incredible snow covered mountain ranges in​ the​ Tierra del Fuego National Park. Words fail me,​ but the​ area is​ definitely worth visiting. Come on,​ you​ rode the​ elephants in​ Thailand,​ didn't you? Patagonia

No,​ they are not talking about the​ clothing line. Patagonia is​ located in​ a​ vast area below Buenos Aires and is​ famous for uncompromised beauty. Greater Patagonia is​ actually split between Chile and Argentina. the​ section in​ Argentina is​ filled with glaciers,​ national parks and so on. I cannot possibly describe it,​ so i am not even going to​ try. know that you​ won't be disappointed.


From glaciers to​ beaches,​ from elegant cities to​ friendly little towns,​ Argentina is​ a​ top travel location. With the​ economy stabilizing,​ now is​ the​ time to​ go.
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