Are You Traveling Overseas With Children

The airport security officers have to​ screen everyone,​ regardless of​ age (even babies),​ before they can go through the​ security checkpoint.
They will not ask you​ to​ do anything that will separate you​ from your child or​ children.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers are specially trained and they understand your concern for your children. They will approach your children gently and treat them with respect. if​ your child becomes uncomfortable or​ upset,​ security officers will consult you​ about the​ best way to​ relieve your child's concern.

NEVER leave babies in​ an​ infant carrier while it​ goes through the​ X-ray machine.

* All carry-on baggage,​ including children's bags and items,​ must go through the​ X-ray machine. Examples include: diaper bags,​ blankets,​ and toys.

* All child-related equipment that will fit through the​ X-ray machine must go through the​ X-ray machine. Examples include: strollers,​ umbrella-strollers,​ baby carriers,​ car and booster seats,​ backpacks,​ and baby slings.

* When you​ arrive at​ the​ checkpoint,​ collapse or​ fold your child-related equipment. Secure items that are in​ the​ pockets,​ baskets,​ or​ attached to​ the​ equipment and place it​ on​ the​ X-ray belt for inspection. Plastic bins are provided to​ deposit such items.

* if​ any of​ your child-related equipment does not fit through the​ X-ray machine,​ security officers will visually and physically inspect it.

* Ask a​ Security Officer for help gathering your bags and child-related equipment,​ if​ you​ need it.

If your child can walk without your assistance,​ we recommend that you​ and your child walk through the​ metal detector separately. if​ you​ are carrying your child through the​ metal detector and the​ alarm sounds,​ the​ Security Officer will have to​ additionally screen both you​ and your child.

* Remove babies and children from their strollers or​ infant carriers so that the​ Security Officers can screen them individually.

* you​ may not pass the​ child to​ another person behind you​ or​ in​ front of​ you​ during this process.

* Do not pass your child to​ the​ Security Officer to​ hold.

* the​ Security Officer may ask for your help screening your child

The security personnel are just doing their job keeping the​ airways safe. Please cooperate and it​ will make your security screening go much smoother.
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