Apricots Are Loading With Nutritional Goodies

Apricots Are Loading With Nutritional Goodies
Alexander the​ Great fell in​ love with this surprisingly sweet fruit in​ Asia,​ where he found them growing wild. When he returned to​ Europe from his military expeditions,​ he brought some with him.
The ancient Romans gave the​ apricot its name from the​ Latin word for precocious because the​ apricot is​ the​ first fruit of​ the​ season to​ ripen. the​ name stuck,​ and the​ apricot spread all over,​ from Europe,​ to​ America,​ and all the​ way to​ Australia.
The apricot is​ a​ fantastic fruit loaded with beta carotene,​ iron,​ fiber,​ vitamin C,​ and several B vitamins. if​ you​ dry an apricot,​ its nutrients get more concentrated,​ making dried apricots a​ great snack.
Whether fresh or​ dried,​ eating apricots will help you​ fight the​ effects of​ aging,​ protect your eyesight,​ ward off cancer,​ and prevent heart disease.
4 ways apricots keep you​ healthy
Combats cancer.
If you​ get indigestion from eating tomato products the​ prime source of​ lycopene heres great news for you. Apricots,​ especially dried ones,​ are another source of​ lycopene,​ the​ amazing carotenoid that can help prevent prostate,​ breast,​ and several other cancers. Though apricots arent nearly as​ good a​ source of​ lycopene about 30 dried ones have the​ same amount as​ one tomato munching on​ them throughout the​ day can boost your lycopene quicker than you​ think.
Apricots are also a​ good source of​ the​ most famous carotenoid of​ them all beta carotene. This powerful antioxidant reduces your risk of​ some types of​ stomach and intestinal cancers. to​ get these benefits,​ experts suggest getting at​ least 5 milligrams of​ beta carotene each day. Thats equal to​ about six fresh apricots.
Halts heart disease.
Eating dried apricots as​ a​ snack can punch up your levels of​ iron,​ potassium,​ beta carotene,​ magnesium,​ and copper. These important nutrients help control your blood pressure and prevent heart disease. Plus,​ as​ few as​ five dried apricots can give you​ up to​ 3 grams of​ fiber,​ which sweeps cholesterol out of​ your system before it​ has a​ chance to​ clog your arteries.
Chases away cataracts.
What you​ eat can affect your vision. Dr. Robert G. Cumming,​ the​ lead researcher for the​ Blue Mountains Eye Study,​ says,​ Our study confirms the​ importance of​ vitamin a​ for cataract prevention. Cumming adds,​ Our overall conclusion is​ that a​ wellbalanced diet is​ needed for eye health.
Since apricots are a​ good source of​ beta carotene,​ which your body converts to​ vitamin A,​ and several other nutrients,​ they could be just what youre looking for.
Adds to​ a​ long life.
Believe it​ or​ not,​ some people claim apricots are the​ secret to​ living to​ age 120. They get this idea from the​ Hunzas,​ a​ tribe living in​ the​ Himalayan Mountains of​ Asia. Common health problems,​ like cancer,​ heart disease,​ high blood pressure,​ and high cholesterol,​ do not exist in​ Hunza. And researchers are wondering if​ apricots,​ a​ main part of​ their diet,​ are partly responsible. the​ Hunzas eat fresh apricots in​ season and dry the​ rest to​ eat during their long,​ cold winter.
Although eating apricots cant guarantee youll live a​ long life,​ recent research suggests the​ little fruit may help you​ live a​ better life. the​ B vitamins in​ dried apricots may protect you​ from Alzheimers and agerelated mental problems,​ like memory loss.
Pantry pointers
From June to​ August,​ the​ finest fresh apricots roll into your supermarket from California and Washington state. Keep your eyes peeled for the​ tastiest of​ the​ bunch. Theyll wear a​ beautiful,​ bright orange skin,​ and theyll look and feel plump. Avoid apricots with yellowish or​ greenish tinges and those that are hard,​ shrunken,​ or​ bruised.
Just like their cousin the​ peach,​ apricots can ripen on​ your kitchen counter at​ room temperature. When they feel and smell ripe,​ wrap them in​ a​ paper bag and store them in​ your refrigerator. Theyll stay fresh for several days.
During the​ winter months,​ satisfy your apricot craving with fruits imported from South America,​ or​ enjoy canned apricots,​ jams,​ spreads,​ and nectars.
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