An Overview Of Poland For Travelers

Poland has a​ unique history in​ Europe,​ often pulled between Russian and Western interests. it​ you​ are planning a​ trip to​ Poland,​ here is​ some background information your should know.

An Overview of​ Poland for Travelers

The official name of​ the​ country is​ the​ Republic of​ Poland. it​ covers an​ area of​ roughly 120,​000 square miles,​ about the​ same size as​ the​ State of​ New Mexico in​ the​ United States. the​ capital of​ the​ country is​ Warsaw,​ which is​ also the​ biggest city by population with nearly 1.7 million residents calling it​ home. Other cities of​ significance include Lodz with a​ population of​ just fewer than 800,​000,​ Krakow with 760,​000 residents and Gdansk with 460,​000 people. the​ terrain of​ Poland is​ primarily flat although mountains can be found in​ the​ region along the​ southern border of​ the​ country.

Citizens of​ the​ Republic of​ Poland are known as​ Polish. the​ most recent census found there 36.8 million people living in​ the​ country,​ though some are undocumented aliens. the​ annual growth rate for the​ population is​ stagnant,​ neither growing nor declining sufficiently to​ be considered to​ be changing from a​ statistical point of​ view. Unlike many European countries,​ Poland is​ primarily populated by its own people with Polish people making up 98 percent of​ the​ ethnicity. a​ smattering of​ German,​ Ukrainian,​ Belorussian and Lithuanian people also live in​ the​ country.

Poland is​ a​ predominantly uniform religious country. Over 90 percent of​ Poles subscribe to​ the​ Roman Catholic faith. Followers of​ Eastern Orthodox,​ Uniate,​ Protestant and Judaism can also be found.

The literacy rate in​ Poland is​ over 98 percent,​ on​ par with rates throughout much of​ Europe. the​ official language is​ Polish,​ which is​ also the​ dominant language actually used by the​ citizens of​ Poland. Life expectancy for Polish men is​ 70 years of​ age,​ while women life an​ extra nine years on​ average,​ a​ marked difference.

Poland is​ often overshadowed by Hungary and Czech as​ a​ travel destination in​ the​ former bloc countries of​ the​ Soviet Union. This gives you​ an​ opportunity to​ experience it​ before the​ fast food joints of​ the​ west start taking over the​ quaint country.
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