An Overview Of Network Marketing

An Overview of​ Network Marketing
The term network marketing has two different meanings .​
In generally it​ is​ a​ synonym for multi-level marketing and often by mistake considered the​ same as​ a​ pyramid scheme.
The idea of​ network marketing is​ often used to​ describe a​ marketing concept that emphasizes on​ the​ inter-connectivity of​ market players and transactions and can be observed as​ the​ application of​ systems thinking to​ marketing .​
According to​ network marketing premise other marketing schemes see the​ discipline as​ constant dyadic relationships such as​ one buyer and one seller .​
Network marketing tries to​ rise above this constraint by looking at​ transactions and relationships from the​ perspective of​ all those concerned.
These outlook initiated in​ industrial marketing,​ also called B2B marketing,​ where multiple contact points are distinctive .​
It is​ not rare to​ have a​ number of​ decision makers in​ a​ company's purchasing centre .​
Likewise,​ the​ marketer can be planned into a​ selling team .​
With multiple players on​ each side of​ the​ transaction,​ a​ complicated network is​ created .​
This paradigm is​ further intricate by resultant players like information gatekeepers,​ influencers,​ business promoters,​ advertisers,​ and middleman .​
This network can expand over time as​ more people get engaged.
The network-marketing phenomenon considers marketing as​ a​ structure of​ social networks where the​ associations between each of​ the​ links must be tacit,​ simultaneously counting potential feedback loops; the​ system must be realized as​ a​ whole.
Instead of​ using the​ regular distribution course that moves from manufacturer to​ warehouser to​ wholesaler to​ retailer to​ end customer,​ Network Marketing companies use a​ network of​ self-governing marketers to​ pass the​ products directly from the​ manufacturer to​ the​ end customer.
The self-governing marketers bring in​ a​ percentage of​ the​ profit in​ each sale they make .​
While it's possible and highly recommended to​ make an​ income by selling to​ end customers directly,​ the​ real clout of​ Network Marketing is​ that you​ are allowed to​ build a​ layer of​ other independent marketers below you,​ and make a​ percentage of​ their combined sales.
There is​ limited amount of​ time for a​ person can spend working .​
By having a​ sub layers working with a​ marketer,​ he can multiply that time .​
Imagine having sub layers of​ 100 people each putting their effort and only an​ hour a​ day in​ five days a​ week .​
In one month 20,​000 hours of​ work would be done .​
It would take one person 10 years to​ produce the​ same amount of​ work.
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