An Overview Of Kenya For Travelers

Kenya is​ stunningly beautiful African country that has seen its share of​ good and bad times. if​ you​ are traveling to​ Kenya,​ the​ following information will give you​ a​ head start.

An Overview of​ Kenya for Travelers

Kenya is​ a​ crossroads country in​ Africa,​ which means a​ little bit of​ various African countries reside there. More than 40 languages are spoken and as​ many as​ eleven different ethnic groups can be identified. the​ religious breakdown is​ also very diverse. Despite this variety,​ the​ country has a​ fairly harmonious existence. the​ national slogan is​ harambee which loosely translates to​ lets pull together.

Compared to​ other sub-Saharan countries,​ Kenya has historically been advanced in​ infrastructure and general living standards. During the​ colonial period,​ England controlled the​ country and developed the​ area. Kenyans were not allowed to​ participate in​ government,​ much like South Africa. as​ you​ might expect,​ Kenyans rebelled and eventually became independent on​ December 12,​ 1963. the​ Kenya People’s Union then became the​ only political party and ruled until 2002. in​ October 2002,​ the​ National Rainbow Coalition dominated elections.

Following independence,​ Kenya continued to​ grow economically and the​ standard of​ living was the​ envy of​ much of​ Africa. Unfortunately,​ corruption threw a​ wrench in​ the​ proceedings the​ country has suffered from a​ lurching economy for the​ last 15 years. in​ 2003,​ the​ country turned things around and things have generally improved since then.

Kenya covers 224,​960 square miles and is​ slightly smaller than Texas. the​ capital is​ Nairobi. Kenya rises from a​ low coastal plain on​ the​ Indian Ocean in​ a​ series of​ mountain ridges and plateaus which stand above 9,​000 feet in​ the​ center of​ the​ country. the​ Rift Valley bisects the​ country above Nairobi,​ opening up to​ a​ broad arid plain in​ the​ north. Mountain plains cover the​ south before descending to​ the​ shores of​ Lake Victoria in​ the​ west. the​ climate varies from the​ tropical south,​ west,​ and central regions to​ arid and semi-arid in​ the​ north and the​ northeast.

The people of​ Kenya are known as​ “Kenyans.” Total population is​ 30 million and growing at​ 1.7 percent a​ year. Ethnic groups break down as​ Kikuyu 21 percent Luhya 14 percent,​ Luo 13 percent,​ Kalenjin 11 percent,​ Kamba 11 percent,​ Kisii 6 percent,​ Meru 5 percent. Religious break down is​ Indigenous beliefs 10 percent,​ Protestant 40 percent,​ Roman Catholic 30 percent,​ Muslim 20 percent. Languages include English,​ Swahili,​ and more than 40 local ethnic languages. the​ literacy rate is​ 65 percent and life expectancy is​ 49 years of​ age.

As this brief overview reveals,​ the​ country suffers the​ economic problems of​ many countries in​ Africa. That being said,​ it​ is​ beautiful place that will hopefully overcome such hurdles. it​ is​ definitely a​ place you​ will remember visiting.
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