An Overview Of Germany For Travelers

Germany has experienced a​ tumultuous history: starting a​ World War,​ being divided into two countries and much more. if​ you​ are planning a​ trip,​ here is​ some background information you​ should know.

An Overview of​ Germany for Travelers

The official name of​ the​ country is​ the​ Federal Republic of​ Germany. Germany covers a​ landmass of​ over 135,​000 square miles and is​ about the​ size of​ the​ State of​ Montana. the​ capital is​ Berlin with over 3.5 million residents living within the​ city borders. Other cities of​ note include,​ but are not limited to,​ Hamburg with 1.7 million residents,​ Munich with over 1.2 million people,​ Cologne with just under one million residents,​ Frankfurt with 640,​000 residents,​ Dortmund with 592,​000 people,​ Stuttgart with 580,​000 residents,​ Dusseldorf with about the​ same number,​ Bremen with 540,​000 people and Hanover with a​ population just exceeding 500,​000 residents. Put another way,​ Germany crams a​ lot of​ people into a​ relatively small area.

From a​ terrain perspective,​ Germany has a​ bit of​ everything. the​ north consists mostly of​ plains and shoreline,​ while the​ center of​ the​ country is​ a​ fertile basin. the​ south of​ the​ country is​ primarily mountainous,​ sharing formations with Switzerland. With this divergent terrain,​ the​ climate varies from area to​ area,​ but is​ generally cool with significant periods of​ rain.

Citizens of​ the​ Federal Republic of​ Germany are known as​ Germans. the​ most recent population study found the​ total population exceeded 82 million. the​ ethnic break down is​ primarily German,​ but Danish minorities exist in​ the​ north while Slavic minorities can be found in​ the​ south. Despite the​ policies promulgated by Hitler,​ the​ country has a​ strong influx of​ immigrants with over 7.3 million people qualifying as​ such.

From a​ religious perspective,​ Germans are split in​ two major camps. There are approximately 26 million Protestants and 26 million Roman Catholics. Approximately 3.3 million people consider themselves to​ be Muslim.

The official language of​ the​ country is​ German,​ although English is​ spoken in​ many areas as​ is​ Russian and French. Education is​ compulsory for 10 years and the​ literacy rate is​ more than 99 percent. Live expectancy for a​ German man is​ 74 years while women live an​ additional 6 years on​ average.

As this overview reveals,​ Germany is​ the​ home to​ a​ lot of​ good and bad history. as​ a​ travel destination,​ it​ is​ remarkable whether you​ are going to​ see history or​ visiting for the​ World Cup.
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