An Overview Of France For Travelers

Throughout history,​ France has always played a​ pivotal role in​ Europe. From Art to​ Politics to​ Architecture,​ it​ is​ a​ fascinating place. Here is​ some background information to​ consider before your trip.

An Overview of​ France for Travelers

The official name of​ the​ country is​ the​ French Republic. the​ French Republic covers an​ area of​ 220,​668 square miles. This makes it​ the​ largest country in​ Western Europe,​ which is​ about 80 percent the​ size of​ Texas for comparison purposes. the​ capital of​ France is​ Paris. Other major cities of​ note include the​ port city of​ Marseille,​ Lyon,​ Toulouse,​ Strasbourg,​ Nice,​ Rennes,​ Lille and Bordeaux in​ the​ famous wine region of​ the​ same name. if​ you​ have ever watched the​ Tour de France,​ you​ know the​ terrain in​ France varies from majestic mountain peaks to​ flat plains to​ beautiful coast line along the​ southern and western borders of​ the​ country. This gives the​ country various climatic conditions ranging from very cool in​ the​ mountain areas to​ downright hot in​ the​ southern beach locations such as​ Nice.

Citizens of​ the​ French Republic are designated with the​ name French. the​ total population exceeds 62.4 million with a​ strong annual growth rate of​ over 2 percent. Ethnicity is​ broken down as​ Celtic and Latin for strong influences of​ Teutonic,​ Slavic,​ North African,​ Sub-Saharan African,​ Indochinese and Basque minorities. the​ strong minority base is​ due to​ two facts,​ a​ lax immigration policy and the​ migration of​ peoples from former colonies of​ France during its more imperial periods.

Despite the​ massive immigrant influx over time,​ France is​ a​ largely uniform religious society. Over 90 percent of​ all French claim the​ Roman Catholic faith as​ their religion of​ choice. Strong Muslim population sectors,​ however,​ exist and are growing rapidly through immigration. the​ official language of​ the​ country is​ French and it​ is​ also the​ dominant language used in​ daily life. the​ literacy rate for France is​ over 99 percent,​ which makes sense given the​ free,​ compulsory education system.

As this overview of​ France demonstrates,​ it​ has played a​ major role in​ European history. This makes it​ a​ great travel destination since much of​ the​ country has historical value,​ which you​ can experience by just walking down the​ street.
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